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  1. firemn09

    450x surging

    I'll be riding along and it runs great. But about 1/3 of the time when I go to idle it will be at a much faster idle and will take 3 to 5 blips of the throttle to get the bike to go back down to it's usual idle. Very annoying when I stop, extremely annoying and possibly unsafe when I'm moving.
  2. firemn09

    450x surging

    Had to put the bike away for a few months and finally was able to get her out and replace the floating valve seal that Krannie recommended. But before I replaced that I ran into another problem. SHE WON'T START. Had to actually pull the hot start lever when she was cold to get her to fire up. Thought it might be the valves, but started off by replacing the seal in the carb first. Didn't help. Checked my valves and sure enough the left intake was down to zero. Got that dialed in and a half kick later she fired right up. But the intermittent surging at idle is still there. It takes at least a few blips of the throttle to get the idle back down. Any thoughts.
  3. firemn09

    450x surging

    Yes I did use automotive carb cleaner. I made sure the plate was installed correctly but I had no idea that the automotive stuff would damage that. I thought that was the point of carb cleaner, to not damage rubber components. Oh well amateur move, what kind of carb cleaner would you recommend. Thanks for the quick expert advice.
  4. firemn09

    450x surging

    Just cleaned my carb the other day and now my bike intermittently surges at idle and while I am on the gas. It didn't start that until about 2 hours of ride time after cleaning the carb, so I'm not sure if it has anything to do with me touching the carb or not. I checked the carb boots for tightness and any pinched vent hoses or anything else wrong on the outside of the carb and everything looks good. It runs great when its not surging, and it will idle back down if I pull the hot start in or let the clutch out with no gas but it goes back down to normal so quickly it's almost like I hit a switch and it's normal again if you get what I'm saying. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  5. firemn09

    Apple Valley: Just looking for a few riders

    Hey Johnny I'm over on Stoneridge a few houses north of Vista Point.
  6. firemn09

    Apple Valley: Just looking for a few riders

    I live in SVL, I'm always looking for riders. I'm 25 with a CRF450R and 3 kids and a wife myself.
  7. I had the same problem with the coolant overflow. The overflow tube was pinched at the neck which in turn blew the head gasket. It took me forever to diagnose and considering this was my first four stroke I was just about to go back to the 2 smokes. Took the cylinder apart, new gasket, cleaned head and valves with scotch brite, adjusted valves, and bike ran great only a few drops of coolant when it got hot.