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  1. As we know cheep pays twice. I’m talking from my own experience. I bough plastic rack you showing while back. I had one slide in the woods and rack is a history. I should have invested $ 35.00 rather to metal rack. Now I’m looking for a rack which will last more then a one dual sport event.
  2. Hey Cali: How dificult was to install oregon-hedlight unit on? I like it. I do off road mostly.
  3. I can’t find on eBay IMS Pro specifically for DRZ 400. Is there another Suzuki pegs which will fit on DRZ 400 '06?
  4. beemerwolf: I would like to see your brackets.
  5. Beemerwolf: I don’t have them too long. I have to see how they’ll hold-up. I changed OEM ones because every time I dropped bike I would brake a blinker. I do mostly off-road.
  6. mattis: It’s UFO taillight for KTM http://www.rockymountainatv.com/typeDetail.do?navTitle=Electrical&webCatId=20&pageLinkUri=&vehicleType=&page=3&webTypeId=190&navType=type But it’s not straight fit. You have to do some cutting and fitting.
  7. I used Motrax from http://www.cyclegear.com/model_col.cfm?L1=2&L2=53&L3=&L4=&brand=14&type=53
  8. Looks like Barkbuster EGO and Tusk D-flex are same hand guards.
  9. Thanks for heds-up "festmike" I was thinking to retrofit with somekind of LED insert down the road if bulb will not stands up. And I did lined inside of the light with silver AC tape for better reflection of light. Install and uninstall is a snap but resolder all wireing is PITA.
  10. Dr. dude, that's exacly what I didn't like on Edge light rear tire standard DOT Dunlop 606 front DOT Pirelli MT 21
  11. This is UFO tail light sold as dual sport tail light for KTM. With little bit of nip & tuck I was able to fit it for DRZ. Blinkers are Motrax micro fake carbon look.
  12. Runs good fully warm. I'm going to woods this weekend for whole day. Let you know if anything develops. Thanks
  13. Eddie please help I did 3x3 and install Dynojet kit. DRZ runs good accept when is warming up on kickstand she‘ll stalls if I open-up throttle too quickly. ’06 DRZ 400SK 140 main 25 pilot Needle 4th notch from top Fuel 2.5 out 1500-2000ft Thanx
  14. Kickstand is bent. He lowered bike and had to bent kickstand to accommodate new hight.
  15. Intent was purely for esthetics and not functionality. Yes