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  1. The crf's 07 and up are pretty solid and valves dont seem to be as much of an issue with them anymore from what i've seen. I've ridden one sxf and it was an 08. I liked the power but i wasn't able to really feel comfortable on it. Its up to your personal preference but between sxf's or crf's, i like the crf's better.
  2. Gcrfrider54

    2007 crf250 or 2007 rmz250?

    I actually have had ridden both bikes back to back and now own a 08 yz250f, and i gotta say for those years power is all pretty similar. I agree with some jamey1e that the honda had a little more up top than the rmz, but both bikes are great. However my friend that owns two rmz's has had tranny problems with both while the crfs for 07 seem pretty solid. Also my 08 yz makes pretty great power and yzfs have a great reliability record (for 250f's). If i were you i would look at either and 07 or 09 crf, or and 07 and up yamaha. However, with all that said you should maybe consider a 250 two stroke as well, they are very fast, reliable and fun. Not to mention alittle cheaper to maintain in the long run.
  3. Well the all new yz450f will be anounced in september so you would have to wait almost the whole season for it. Other than that the 09 yz450f is still a great bike and so is the honda and kawasaki. I've heard alot of good things about all those bikes. Personally i like the honda, but go to dealerships and compare pricing, and sit on each bike to see which one is the most comfortable for you. And i also agree with what zig said, since your not racing the newest technology isn't always neccessary, then again if i was spending that much money you better believe i would want the latest and greatest bike. If you can wait get the new yamaha coming out, if not then i would go honda.
  4. Gcrfrider54

    06-07 yzf450 vs. 07 kxf450

    If you don't mind, what size or wieght are you. I kno an A harescramble rider that just bought and 07 kx450f. But he is also 6ft 5 inches tall. The kawasaki is a good bike that will make more than enough power. But to me the yamaha is more well rounded. It has great suspension, good power and is very reliable, like you said. Its really your personal preference. See if you can find those bikes and sit on them or take them for a test ride to see which one better fits you. Either one is a great choice.
  5. Gcrfrider54

    Pics of the 150

    Well that may be your opinion, but i think those 150's rip. They actually have bottem end power compared to 85's and i dont think that they are overated at all. It also probably depends on what your use to riding as well. If you like 85's better than good for, they are ausome bikes too. Its really rider preference.
  6. Gcrfrider54

    Can James really step it up

    At the end of the day all of those pro riders are just amazing. They make riding those sx tracks look so easy. Stewart is probably the fastest rider in the world now, but i definatley give props to chad reed who has shown amazing speed with great consistency. I hope this championship stays tight and goes down to the wire. Its all about good racing, and not having someone run away with the title.
  7. Gcrfrider54

    #99 Tm??

    I believe it was a yami with light blue plastics. I noticed that too but i never saw anything about a tm when they posted the heat race results.
  8. Gcrfrider54

    Pros and Cons of a 06 CRF250

    I've had my 06 for about a year now as well, and i can honestly say that its a great bike. I havn't noticed the bog to bad at all, and like someone in this thread said before, like most 250f's, it doesn't like to be lugged. Its a very nimble bike that feels very neutral. Its not as aggresive handling as an 08 or 09 250f, but its definately nimbler than the 2004 crf i had before it. Its an easy bike to work on and i too have put a 52 tooth rear sprocket to help the response out of corners. Keep the oil and air filter clean, and this bike will be good to you.
  9. Gcrfrider54

    !!! 2005 rmz250 Graphics !!!

    Decal Works is good, but i'd also look into dirt digits. I am waiting on my first kit from them, but it was a really easy customization process and they have some sick suzuki graphics.
  10. Gcrfrider54

    Comparo to a 125?

    The 05 cr 125 and up actually can make competative power, its just that it takes alot of skill to keep it in the rpm range where it performs its best. My buddy owns two cr 125's. Their very week compared to other 125s. But i love how they handle. Its a shame really. My crf will outpull the cr everywhere, but then again i have seen some faster guys on 125's rip. Like others said before, crf has grown into a much superior machine over the cr125. But when i look at the cr, all i think of is what could have been. In my opinion it bosts the nicest 125 chassi.
  11. Gcrfrider54

    what do you guys think of this rmz

    Ya seems like a decent deal, just make sure u check it out and take the thing for a spin before you commit to buying it. I've ridden a couple zooks and their pretty nice bikes. Never ridden the rmz250f tho...
  12. I have an 06 crf250r, and 2 months ago i rode an 05 crf250x with an fmf pipe on it. I was riding at my friends little track behind his house. Small little jumps and quick single track in the woods, with a steep uphill hill climb in the back leading to a little sand track. Both bikes handled pretty much the same chassi wise, yet due to stiffer suspension my 06 seemed much more agressive. The x's suspension seemed to be very plush, but definatley did not seem to like taking big hits. The x 250f also seemed to squat in the corners when i came in hard. Motor wise, i could definatley tell the difference. My 06 was much quicker at the crack of the throttle and definatley reved faster than the 250x. The 250x was no slouch, it had good torque and snapped decently out of turns. The 250r was basically just more exciting to ride. The x was a much tamer beast. Wieght wise my 250r felt lighter and looked less bulky.
  13. Gcrfrider54

    2003 KTM200SX or 2003 YZ250F

    Well i think your sx200 looks decent. The yzf clearly needs alittle work cosmetically, do you know if it has any engine problems or tranny problems? Cause 4-strokes that need some "tlc" may turn out to be very costly. Are you familiar with 4-strokes. If your bike runs fine than i wouldn't do it without knowing if the yzf needs engine work or not.
  14. Well i'd have to say a crf250r. I ride mine in the woods alot and suspension is pretty flexible as far as playin with the clickers goes in order to get a decent setting for the woods. And the bike feels very light and is extremely nimble. I would change the gearing, get a full suspension revalve done for woods conditions, a big skid plate, and a good set of bark busters and hand guards. That would make a good 250f woods weapon. But all the 250fs would make decent woods bikes with the right mods.
  15. Gcrfrider54

    Racer X CRF vid

    It seems like everywhere i read a first immpression test of the 09 450 they say its one hell of a bike. Even motocross action on their site has a very quick, and what seems to be positive review. That says alot, cause motocross action has not always been the most accepting fans of the red bikes. For them to compliment a bikes handling without using the terms, "Push from center out", or, "oversteer" has got to mean they like the bike. The 08 crf 450r is one hell of a bike. So for Honda to redue it they had to have made sure that the new bike would be much better. Props to honda.