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    RMZ 250 Big Bore conversion

    Hi all, After owning a few 450's and 250 t's, I have found my 07 RMZ250 to be an awesome bike and probably just right for me. After having read many (sometimes confusing) reports on 250f big bore kits, I have decided to BB my RMZ. As I weigh roughly 198 pounds I would like more torque and a stronger overall powerband. Proposed mods are: (+- 277.5cc) 79mm wiseco piston Hot rods stroker crank +3mm Hot cams I&E R&D float bowl. I already have a DRD stainless full system which made a big difference on the top end. Basically I'm wanting to know if this would be a suitable and reliable conversion for the RMZ250. This may seem a lame question but I'd rather ask than waste money and blow up my engine. Thanks all Have a groovy weekend. Rob:ride:
  2. Hi All, I'm looking for information on crankshaft design. Basically I want to design a crank for an engine I'm trying to design while learning Solidworks. All done in 3d virtual world The hypothetical engine would be based on an RMZ250 engine. Basically using every internal engine part, and redesign the engine cases to accept a new crank / cylinder design - which would be a 350F engine. This way beyond me, but it is fun, all I want to do is try it. I wont be physically making anything, all that is needed is time and patience. Any input on this would be appreciated.
  3. MXwrench

    Takagawa 124 or Kitaco 145-Whats better and why

    Hi All Newbiehere, I have just got a 1976xl100 motor that does and is in good nic. My question is this: what should I for a reliable power gain that does not cost too much ie bigger bore with same crank (?) bigger carb - what size, porting - what to do and of course valves & springs. I would want to spend about $400. Do you have any reliable suppliers of parts for the mini honda's (xr57/80 xl100 etc) I will be fitting the motor in a 1991 KX80 Bigwheel frame - any thoughts or suggestions? Thank & have a groovy day Rob