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  1. SkiD_PL8

    XR400 Tagged

    Call your local DMV and tell them you are wanting to tag it and they can fill you in on what you need. Before I bought one that was already tagged I looked into it in my state and the DMV was very helpful.
  2. SkiD_PL8

    If anyone wants a really sweet 400

    You can't get them plated where you live?
  3. SkiD_PL8

    Should I buy a YZ125?

    One other thing I forgot to mention, a MX bike will handle the track MUCH better than a trail bike. The reverse is not true however, the suspension on the bikes made specifically for trail riding just don't perform on tracks.
  4. SkiD_PL8

    Should I buy a YZ125?

    It will be fine for the trails. If you are getting it for a grand and it is in good shape scoop it up while you can.
  5. I always miss out on the killer deals.
  6. SkiD_PL8

    need some help with 01 yz 125

    If you are running the same jetting you were running when your top end was all beat up that might be the problem.
  7. SkiD_PL8

    Yz125 Bog

    Sounds rich to me. If air is getting out before your silencer that will throw your jetting off though. I would get that fixed before you re-jet.
  8. SkiD_PL8

    Yz125 Bog

    Sounds like a jetting change is in order. Another thing you might want to check is your silencer packing.
  9. SkiD_PL8

    Picked up the 06 yz250 today

    Yep, to each his own. When my dad worked on my bikes he always said to break it in like I would ride it. Now that I pay for my own parts I prefer to take the safe way even though it takes a bit more time and isn't as much fun.
  10. SkiD_PL8

    Yz125 Bog

    Has the bog always been there or did it just start? If it is something new I would bet your top end is worn.
  11. SkiD_PL8

    Picked up the 06 yz250 today

    Yes you do, the cylinder isn't the issue it is the ring on the piston. You want it to seat properly.
  12. I'm going to stay out of the debate, but you might like to know that manufacturers don't ship bikes full of any fluids.
  13. SkiD_PL8

    Cylinder on 02' YZ-125

    Talked to steve from moto814 and I will be sending it off to get replated, thanks for the help guys.
  14. SkiD_PL8

    buying new bike

    Ouch, guessing from the avatar you know that from firsthand experience.
  15. SkiD_PL8

    Cylinder on 02' YZ-125

    It is my understanding that it can't just be replated. Long story short, dirt got in my bottom end and caused the rod bearing to be destroyed (rollers in the bearing were squared off and the bottom half of the rod and top of crank were blue from getting so hot). When the piston went, it went BIG. The skirt was gone and was in pieces all over the motor as well as part of the top of the piston. It dug through the nickisil and actually tore into the cylinder wall itself. I was told that was why it would have to be bored and sleeved before it could be replated, is that incorrect?