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  1. arms1990

    white brothers mx 4

    i have two questions... first will an o3 yz250f pipe fit my 03 wr? and does anyone have any opinions on the white brothers mx 4?
  2. arms1990

    Thunder Valley helmet cam

    nice video... i ride there every weekend and i always try to tell my friends about it but now i can just show them
  3. arms1990

    My new 06 WR250f

    i have a wr250f and all i had to do was shorten the throttle stop screw down to 11mm and pull the blue wire.
  4. the boysen quickshot accelerator pump cover is said to get rid of the off idle bog on my wr. does anyone know how well it works or if it is even worth the monet
  5. arms1990

    top speed of a wr250f

    how fast does a wr250f go?
  6. arms1990

    Yellow Plastics for WR?

    one industries makes a yz hurricane kit for 180 dollars.
  7. arms1990


    i have a 03' yz250f and i was wondering if anyone knew of a place where i could find white replacement plastics for my bike? thanks.