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  1. Cloud9

    XR680R build/rebuild

    I'd like to bump up to the 680 as soon as I can. So keep us informed on every thing and how it feels. Thanks
  2. First off, try to find the complete front-end off a bike with USD forks if you can. Or maybe a complete bike for cheap! From my fresh experience, some thing from KTM maybe. (I say this ONLY because alot of what came off the Husaberg is from KTM and was a very close fit to begin with... I can't speak for other bikes) Get the handle bars (if there worth it, I got Fat Bars), all the levers and lines, the triple clamps, forks, wheel, speedo stuff. This will minimize having to mix and match componets down to just two bikes instead of three or four etc. In my case, the way the steering stem fit into the bottom triple clamp from the Husaberg made me decide to have a special stem made. The very bottom part of the stem was made to fit into the bottom triple clamp of the Berg. But from the top of the bottom triple clamp (where the bottom of the lower bearing would sit) it was machined to match the XR's bearings, length, and threads. The machinist matched the top triple clamp (from the Berg) to the specs of the XR top triple clamp, as far as thickness and hole size, so that the complete front end just bolted on to the XR frame, front wheel, handle bars and all. I made a bracket (which in this case bolts under the handle bar mounts) out of 3/16 aluminum plate to keep the OEM gages and ignition right where they belong. The speedo cable from the Excel front wheel fit right on the XR speedometer like it was made for it. I also ground the steering stop off the Berg frame and will have that welded to the XR frame in the correct place because the forks bang against the electronic heat sink which will damage the forks (expensive to replace) and the heat sink. The next part is to see if I can have the Excel rear wheel made to fit the rear axle, disc brake, and alignment of the XR. (Hopefully just change the bearings) Then I'll have two sets of wheels; light, high quality, Excel wheels and tires for off-road rides and stock XR wheels with more street type tires for mostly highway rides. This is the way it worked for me. Good luck. And remember, even on the street it's a better ride. But off-road, compared to stock... awesome!
  3. Cloud9

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Went USD forks!! Last week I installed the complete front end off of my dead '02 Husaberg FE501. I had a machine shop fab a new steering stem and rework the top triple clamp and it was a bolt on process. Made a bracket so the gages and ignition would fit in the OEM place, the speedo cable hooked right up. Just a couple of fine tuning things and I'm done. Now, what they hardley ever mention about going to the USD forks is... HOW AWESOME THE BIKE HANDLES OVER STOCK!! Even on paved roads the bike feels much more solid and stable... much more. But off-road! Its a completely new bike. With the old bike, its like the front end was alway searching for the line I wanted. I never felt comfortable riding like I wanted to and had to slow down, ALOT. Now the bike goes right where I point it. I hammered, just hammered this thing the other day and it ran straight and true. I felt like I was running the Baja 1000 across the rough desert at speeds I would never have considered with the old forks. It took all the hits, woops, and line change I could throw at and said "What, is that the best you can do? That's IT?!" I came over a rise and ran into a section of 3ft woops that I know would have had the stock forks all over the place and I probably would have hit the ground. For the new forks it was just a jog in the park. From the Husaberg a got Fat bars, 48mm White Power forks, and Excel wheels. This change over was easier than I thought it would be and was dirt cheap for the $265 I spent for the steering stem the machine shop made for me considering what I got in handling and performance. Knowing what I know now about the difference I'd quickly pay $1500 for the change. So, if you love your BRP but feel something just isn't right about the way it handles... (even on the street for SM!), do the USD conversion and ride the bike like you never thought you could!!
  4. What they don't tell you about USD forks THEY ARE AWESOME!! I purchased my '08 650L in july of '08. I put about 2900 miles on it and I've had a great time. 300+ mile day rides etc. But what no one seem to tell you is how much better the bike handles (!?!?!?) Last week I installed 48mm White Power forks off of my now defunked '02 Husaberg 501. I street rode it over to some friends to have them check for any thing they thought I might have missed. "Steering stop... very important". On the way over I notice the bike seemed much more stable on the road (first ride w/ the USD) But when I took it off-road OMG!, what a difference! The thing actually goes where I point it!! With the old forks I never felt comfortable off-road, like the front end was always searching for the line I wanted. I'd have to slow down alot to keep on track. And boy if I ran into some rough stuff the thing was all over the place trying to keep a good line..., not any more! Point and shoot!! I hammered this thing the other day and could not believe the difference. Where ever I wanted that's where the bike went. Bad line? Something in the way? Mud hole? Big rock? Without slowing down or any thing... just choose a new line and you're there. Like the bike knows what you want before you tell it. JUST awesome!! If you ride your BRP hard... get some USD forks and start enjoying the ride like you never thought you could!!
  5. Cloud9

    March 20,22 ride in Moab

    The BLM would not have this type of info because OHV stickers are a "State" issue and not a Federal one. Plus Colorado OHV regs may not be the same as Utah regs. I have heard about these issues and I still don't know what the out come is. For Utah I would suggest you contact who ever it is that's in charge of the Utah State OHV Regs. Does that make sense? Hope to see you around the Big Bend Camp Ground some time on the 20-22. Maybe we'll get a chance to ride! Remember... you didn't see anythinggggg
  6. Cloud9

    My build up thread. 2006 XR650L

    Looking forward to the transformation and pics
  7. Cloud9

    March 20,22 ride in Moab

    The Moab BLM and LEOs are monitoring motorcycle forums and calling anyone who might be leading friends on rides and telling them they need to get a permit to do so. A current BLM employee and friend of mine along with me and about a half dozen others NOT in our group were hasseled and treaten if he lead a ride of six riders with out applying for a permit, which they don't have to issue, thus your ride with friends become an illegal ride and you're ticketed. We were riding mostly, 98%, county roads They are also driving around and harassing motorized user where they find them. You were lucky that time.
  8. Cloud9

    March 20,22 ride in Moab

    A bunch of people from Advrider will be riding in the Moab area to have some fun and give the Moab BLM a hard time. (at least I will ) http://www.advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=421278 NOW, the dinner and camping spots are all taken but we'd like to get as many riders out on that weekend as possible simply because Moab BLM is harassing the riders and the AANs (Anti-Access Nazis) are helping them. Stop by Big Bend for a short "hello", intro yourself, and have a great ride somewhere. This is not a "organized" ride. No one is going to be guiding any one any where. But if you interested, there will be a lot of other riders in the area to have a great time. The BLM LEOs (Law Enforcement Officers) have been harassing motorized users over there and the AANs are pushing to close all public land to motorized users. We just want to return the favor Come on out, deny you ever read any of this or anything in Advrider, and DON'T spend any money in Moab that you don't have to. Make sure your bike is legal, the LEOs will be looking for every reason to nail you. Maybe we'll meet and get to ride together some time.
  9. Cloud9

    Grand Junction

    Yep, still to much snow.
  10. Cloud9

    CRF230F to CXR250F !

    Where did you get the 248cc kit and the #2mild Cam?? Website?
  11. Cloud9

    Sunday's ride and wife strife.

    Thanks for the ride! Some day I'll get down there... some day...
  12. Cloud9

    Another BRP ride report from OZ

    Warm days, good friends, and long rides... thanks for taking us along. C9
  13. Cloud9

    crf230f fork mods-help!

    So, (after my phopah), D_R, I noticed on a thread you started you're doing a race 230 and you're going with XR250 forks. Could you please enlighten us as to the pros and cons of the RT/WS you recommend here vs. why the XR250 fork setup you're doing for your 230 race bike. I understand race bike vs. trail bike and I'm not looking to race my 230... but I would like it to keep up on trail rides with bigger bikes as much as reasonable, but really it'll be mostly a technical trail (ie "Five Miles of Hell in Utah) or a woods bike (brutal single track around Crested Butte or Gateway, CO). (Oh, I'm 49, 205lbs, 5'7" on a good day, if this helps you understand what I'm looking for) I've ridden with and kept up with RN (my riding partner when I worked at the BLM) on his XR400 in the really tight stuff (of course he easily pulls away when things open up) on my completely stock 230, but I think the thing which slowed me down the most in the open areas was the suspension bottoming hard. I don't want a 230 race bike... I have an FE501 for that type of stuff, but I'd like my 230 to be a great trail bike and suspension is key. Thank you O' Great One,
  14. Cloud9

    crf230f fork mods-help!

    CRAP!! Stupid dyslexia, A.D.D., and wishful thinking!! I thought it was to good to be true. Sorry for misleading and confusing. ramz, is was after seeing the links on your site that got me really thinking about getting my 230 in shape... now... I'm saddened No blame on Reger, I was just hoping more than what was reasonable I guess.
  15. Cloud9

    crf230f fork mods-help!

    Try this for a 100% complete bolt-on system. http://www.regerengineering.com/index.php?cPath=11_28_32