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  1. bluebird120

    removing wheels...im stupid

    great thanks. any tips on looseing the front axle that dam tool in the tool box is not working out well
  2. bluebird120

    removing wheels...im stupid

    did a search and did not come up with much. trying to remove both wheels and on the rear wheel i removed the clip and 24mm nut but cannot get the chain side nut off? does the axle unscrew from chain side? i need some advice:worthy: dont want to screw it up.
  3. bluebird120

    I've really been badmouthing my drz lately...

    i just got my drz out of the kitchen and took it for its first ride of the season and what a blast did about 200 miles today. can't wait till it really warms up a bit. LOVE THE DRZ
  4. bluebird120

    empty tank...ready to go

    great thanks for the help all cleaned and ready
  5. bluebird120

    empty tank...ready to go

    just installed new clarke 3.9 and bike has been in the kitchen for a month or so wondering when i put gas in the tank should i run the petcock on prime or just on? can't wait to ride today 29 degrees and pure sun
  6. bluebird120

    dirt bagz

    great link that is just what i was looking for..looks like i'll be placing an order
  7. bluebird120

    dirt bagz

    anyone have dirt-bagz on there drz, would like to see some pics and how the brackets attach to the frame.
  8. bluebird120

    problems with not checking valves

    thanks guys, had them checked when i bought the bike at 3500 miles and now bike has 13500. guess it time to take a look
  9. bluebird120

    problems with not checking valves

    i was wondering what would happen, or the problems that would occure if you didnt check your valves
  10. bluebird120

    best SM tire..........

    where to get distanzas and tubes for the best price
  11. bluebird120

    removing stock tank

    so im removing stock tank off 01 drz 400s, removed 2 bolts under seat,what else do you remove and how do you remove from the petcock?
  12. bluebird120

    distanzas tube or not

    i have a drz 400s that i put 17 excels and want to put avon distazas and was wondering if in need tubes for these wheels. i have conti sm tires now which dont require a tube..
  13. bluebird120

    wash bike wont start?

    i have not done the 3x3 and no spliced wires. tryed to very careful this time around and just used a garden hose...but still almost killed the battery to get it to start.. i fet bad doing it but man
  14. bluebird120

    wash bike wont start?

    last 2 times i washed my bike it wont start right away..it tries to but then a sputter like there is water in the motor.. i seal off the exhaust is there anything else i should do?
  15. bluebird120

    Winter mods

    looks great!! what did you use as a heat sheild on the bigger yosh pipe? i dont have anything and keep roasting my leg..