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  1. Backroad-Bob

    Does Milliken need there dirt back?

    Hay Brian, Looks like you followed too close to the guy in front of you. What a mud fest!!! I was looking at your photo album and was wondering about number 16 of 19. Is that Boot Hill where that was taken? It looks about right for the camp area many years ago.
  2. Backroad-Bob

    Where is this

    Your description sounds like about half way up the Star trail which is past the Lilly Pond trail on the road toward Spring Creek Reservoir.
  3. Backroad-Bob

    Rampart Range Singletrack

    Hay "Coconut_laden_spode". I was the guy on the Yamaha that meet you when you were trying to fix your kickstand spring. I see you were able to finish the ride with the string holding the kickstand. I did ride all of that trail and meet the ranger at the west end not to long after he got there from the other side. It took me right at one hour and fifteen minutes to complete the 8 miles. I know the time from my enduro clock on my bike. Yes, it is a tight and technical trail that requires you to keep your focus on what you are doing. First and second gear is all you will use. Great work to all who was involved in creating this trail. Thanks!!!!!
  4. Backroad-Bob

    Trails near Golden, CO

    You have hit all the close areas that you can go ride. Golden and the Denver front range is basically closed and off limits to any off road riding except for a few motocross tracks. The area had many good riding spots but that was several decades ago. Welcome to mass population.
  5. Backroad-Bob

    moose enduro computer

    I had several of these computers and I loved them. You may want to try these folks on getting them repaired or updated. http://www.pingear.com/pacehome.htm I hope they can take care of you.
  6. Backroad-Bob

    modifing a 2007 oem muffler??? help

    I used the same insert JSV shows and it is not loud at all. I had it sound tested three weeks ago and it was 89 db with this insert.
  7. Backroad-Bob

    Green Horn Enduro

    Originally Posted by j_m First just a quick *** on the scoring results?? It lists me as finishing only ONE (i.e. dead last place) "Num Chk" but I handed in a COMPLETE scorecard and finished the entire race... all 12 checks. Second, maybe this is just a goof for now and I have to wait for the final and 'official' results to be posted?? Kind of a hard thing to see after putting in so much time and effort during the race (and finally seeing some of the results). Any ideas on this? Did I do something wrong?? Well j_m...... I had a problem with my scores being posted in the wrong class...so all I had to do was go to the scoring table and ask them to put my scores in the correct class, of which they did right away. It is the riders responsibility to check their posted scores at the time they are posted for any errors and bring those errors to the scoring table to be reviewed and corrected before the protest period is up at the event. This is when you can make any corrections to the event scores. If there are no more protests of the scores and after the protest period is complete, the posted event scores are then considered correct and final. Trophies can be handed out and everyone can go home. Don't assume the scores will be correct and go home before you have checked your score card to the posted scores, only to see two days later you find that there is a problem with your score and wonder what to do to be corrected after the event is finished.
  8. Backroad-Bob

    Greenhorn Announcement

    Tinman---There was a web splash sent out from the RMEC with the news of the event getting written permission to use the land along side of the road to transfer on. Good news for all who are ridding the event.
  9. Backroad-Bob

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Her is a trailer that is used for event scoring with the software they are representing. This trailer has a lot of great ideas in setting up your own bike hauling and gear storing trailer. I like the way they have their fold-up benches. It's worth taking a look at. http://www.moto-tally.com/ScoringTrailer.aspx
  10. Backroad-Bob

    Upton event

    Upton is a small enough of a town that it doesn't have a full fledged weather station. For future weather checking of the area around Upton you need to use the town of Newcastle in your search. They show the full details of the current and past weather.
  11. Backroad-Bob

    Upton event

    AT the national you will be given a key time schedule of all the known controls, such as speed changes, gas stops, resets, free time and the start controls for each test sections. You will need to add your start minute to these key times so you will know at what time you need to be at the known controls if you use a watch that is set to key time. At the start controls of each test section the check time has been set back based on the speed averages to that check, free time and the distance to that check. This means that at each start control you will be looking for your start minute to be shown on the flip cards to start the test section, ie...if you are rider 15C you will start at each start control at 9:15. If you are late to the start control you will have those points added to your test score. Just like being late in a regular time keeping enduro. I hope this clears up some of the confusion.
  12. Sorry, I am not Bob Scott. I am however, a veteran of Enduro's and know the formats well. From the old school of New England rules to the new Restart format. By the way, a checkpoint can be located only on the whole tenth of a mile and at the top of the minute. It doesn't need to be both zero's. That is at 24 MPH a check can be located in increments of point four tenths (.4) of a mile. The first timekeeping check can be located at 3.2 miles which is after the 2.9 odometer marker. Enjoy your first Enduro and let us know what you think of it.
  13. Hi, Maybe I can help some. The overall event has speed averages you try to maintain. The speed average in a transfer section is basically saying you have a scheduled amount of time to get to the next start control of the next test section. It's like when you leave one class to go to another class, you only have five minutes to get to your next class before your late. You can be early to the start of the test section but you will wait there until your start minute comes due for you to start that test. As a rider you are apart of a group of riders (usually four riders) that start on a set minute. For each of the test section starts you need to be there at a set time of day based on the distance to that start and the speed averages to that start. You need to know how far you have to travel each minute to maintain the speed average. To figure how far you need to travel every minute for a set speed average you take the speed average and divide it by sixty. Some examples: 18 MPH = .3 miles per minute. 24 MPH = .4 miles per minute. 30 MPH = .5 miles per minute. 36 MPH = .6 miles per minute. The test sections are set to a speed average that no one can possibly make. This is so when you ride that section balls' out you will still be late to the check out and they can give you a score showing how late you were to the scheduled speed average time of that section. Remember, all scoring is based on a "points lost" basis: the best score being zero. I hope this helps to clear up some of the questions. After riding one of the events it may be clearer on how they work. If not I have several write-ups that explains the rules in simpler terms.
  14. Backroad-Bob

    RMEC round 1, who is going?

    Tinman....The nationals are not doing the tie-breakers that way for a Restart format. Check the AMA National Enduro Championship Series Supplement Rules 2009. Paragraph #11 "Emergency checks will be scored by total minutes and seconds, and are calculated from the top of a riders due minute". In the National Restart format your score is the total of minutes and seconds you are late from the scheduled time in the test sections. The 30 second mark is only used in a full time keeping Enduro event.
  15. Backroad-Bob

    Enclosed Trailer Setups

    Here is my trailer with everything except the bikes and gear bags. It is a 6 x 9 enclosed trailer that can haul 3 full sized bikes. I don't have any cabinets but the shelves work great. It's just another way to get all the stuff inside and organized. Cheers!