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  1. Math,You should have no problems.Running a Ty Davis tank w/ a Dr. D hotstart. '02 WR 426, Had the tank & the hotstart on since the bike was new.
  2. While your at it make sure the air filter is clean & fuel is good clean & fresh.Check the plug for some type of sign of rich running (Black Color)I concur with Dom if it is anything jetting related I would say Main as well.Good Luck.
  3. RSA210

    NGK Iridium Plugs

    You may also want to check for contaminated fuel and/or dirt in the carb.If that's fine then try a leaner fuel screw setting.If you end up more than 1 turn in then go down 1 on the pilot.The Iridium plug may help,but why use it to correct a jetting issue?
  4. I think I'll go back to full diamond Renthals medium compound.Those softer grips are nice but they just don't last.That Pro Taper unit is nice Blue One.We'll see how that Works Connection tube works out.
  5. Thanks for the Replies.I think I'll try Works Connection,I believe it is Teflon coated & knurled.A new set of grips & I should be good to go.What's another 60 bucks!
  6. RSA210

    17.5 Pilot In Stock @ Dennis Kirk

    17.5 should do you just fine,unless you open up the exhaust.But just like all jetting settings,Change one thing at a time.Test & then adjust as needed.My son's '03 ran like crap when new,had to leave the choke on forever.Now with the mods below it will snap throttle wheelie almost like my 426!!Read on many great mods to be done to the TTR
  7. Anyone running an aluminum throttle tube with their handguards?I keep having to reglue my Pro-Grip gel grips because they start rotating on the stock throttle tube after a couple of rides.I would prefer not to use safety wire & I am using a good quality grip glue.My thinking is that since most aluminum throttle tubes are knurled along with a new set of grips this should correct the grip rotation issue.Trust me its not fun pulling a monster wheelie only to discover that the throttle grip is loose On second thought, maybe I'll use that safety wire too! Aluminum throttle tube-Worth it or not?
  8. RSA210

    17.5 Pilot In Stock @ Dennis Kirk

    Just thought I would post to let those know that are still searching for the 17.5 pilot.In stock Dennis Kirk p/n #17-27-175.$5.99 for 2 pack + shipping.FYI.
  9. RSA210

    Tech Help Request '02 WR426

    Sounds like a $2500 Headache :D
  10. RSA210

    Quiet Exhaust Part 2

    I just wanted to add to the above post.Keep in mind if your jetting is off in the middle ie.-fat on the clip,it can impact sound testing as much as 2 db. or more.I noticed a pronounced "poof" sound at 4,000 rpm & above when sound testing for my end cap design.I dropped the needle 1 clip & things seemed to smooth right out-lower 2 db by jetting correction.Just a thought.Jetting WILL affect sound levels.
  11. RSA210

    Quiet Exhaust Part 2

    Domenic,Try what I did to my PMB equipped YZ silencer.Click on the link below.PMB end cap design#2.Slow download,Sorry.Good Luck. http://mypeoplepc.com/members/relaich210/robsridinpage/id2.html
  12. John,you're making us snowbound guys in the midwest jealous!Looks like beautiful scenery.Vibeguy plug is the way to go!
  13. RSA210

    YZ 450 cam mod-please read

    Wile,Try Bob Tracy,s World of Cycles in PA. 1-800-860-0686 I have used them for all of my Yamaha parts.I sure they can beat your best deal,they have saved me a ton of $$$$$
  14. RSA210


    Great,Just what I need,another "Lawn Tractor" publication.Thats sad, I thought they had a great mag.
  15. RSA210

    HotCam Auto Decompression feedback

    Dolce,Sounds good.I've got my Hot Cam in the garage,just waiting on shims!Picked up A JD jetting kit for fun too!I would love to here your ride report & jetting summation.I won't be riding for at least a month or two here in Michigan,-10 degrees last night.More snow tomorrow.At least I won't be down during riding season.Cheers