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  1. kodibear_wc

    Flo green?

    I've seen graphics with a clear background that made it possible to see the plastic instead of just the under side and edges. It was on a KTM and for the life of me I can't remember the company, but it looked sik.
  2. kodibear_wc

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    2005 KX250 / 2013 KX450F
  3. kodibear_wc

    Second oil filter underneath shifter?

    It is savage screen. You will mostly find old pieces of sealant from the cases. Other than that, wouldn't mess with it. The clickers, S is soft, H is hard. Compression on top, rebound on bottom. Start at 10 on top (middle of 20) and 11 on bottom (middle of 22). You can find settings all over the internet from bike shootouts and such to get something you might like close to your weight and riding ability.
  4. kodibear_wc

    MX Mounts

    For the toy hauler, I use the Risk Racing Lock N Load system. You can pull the system up when not in use and the floor mounts are really thin so theres not an obnoxious hump where they mount to. My hauler is pretty much 1 room, so that makes a difference for me. There are different mounts to use in the back of your truck, but it comes with both mounts, so you can just move the system in-between the 2.
  5. kodibear_wc

    Clutch pull after Rekluse install

    Can't beat those guys!! Glad to hear.
  6. kodibear_wc

    Clutch pull after Rekluse install

    Yeah, I still play with mine in corners too, get's boring after a while not using it. So he has the same one, huh? I thought you were comparing to an identical bike with stock stuff. Any chance his has just worked in or installed about same time? You might just try pulling it and reinstalling it. Try adjusting cable. Have him there and make sure you guys did the same thing. If that doesn't work, call Rekluse. They're awesome and have great customer service. They can trouble shoot over the phone with great success.
  7. kodibear_wc

    anyone run hinson plates/fibers/springs in their clutch?

    The clutch lever pull comes from the springs. I think you would be fine with whichever plates and fibers you get. The wear and tear of them will depend on your riding style. Hope this helps.
  8. kodibear_wc

    Clutch pull after Rekluse install

    Unfortunately that is how the EXP works. It replaces 2 plates and 3 fibers (or vice versa) and comes with way stiffer springs. The clutch pull tension is the same if the bike is not running, running at idol or into the RPM's. I have the Z Start Pro that is centrifigal and has no tension not running or at idol, but feels like a "stock" when it's at RPM's. My 2013 I bought from my friend had the Core EXP 3.0 in it and I couldn't get used to it because it is always stiff. I pulled it out and put my Z Start in it. You will get used to it, but remember, it's a Rekluse, take your fingers off of it!!! LOL.
  9. kodibear_wc

    Kawasaki KX250 2005

    Just got it, but it was a friends and have ridden it before. Too much fun!!
  10. kodibear_wc

    Kawasaki KX250 (2005)


    Just got it, but it was a friends and have ridden it before. Too much fun!!
  11. kodibear_wc

    Clutch question

    When you take your clutch cover off, have your computer close by and go to recluse website and start comparing the pictures. I know the Z start pro fits an 06-15. But you'll be able to tell. It will also have video instructions for install so just work backwards.
  12. kodibear_wc

    Fork seals for 2011 KX450F

    That makes sense, maybe just the ones they sell.
  13. kodibear_wc

    Clutch question

    Fibers are $50, steel plates are $100.
  14. kodibear_wc

    Clutch question

    Change your fibers. I have the Z Start Pro. If it's been a while change them. I change my oil more often than most people because of my clutch, but it's worth it. I've had it on 3 bikes. Changed plates 3 times and fibers 5. Well worth it. When you take the measuring meters and check it, they shouldn't go in. If they do, you need new fibers. I use Recluse, but they cost the same as any others.
  15. kodibear_wc

    any recommendations on clutches?

    Recluse Z Start Pro. Bullet proof. Change the oil regularly and fibers will last longer than stock. I've had mine on 3 bikes. It's good from 2006 to 2015 model. 2016 needs another one. So worth the $$$$$