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  1. wheel lee

    2000 XR 400 w/15T Countershaft Sprocket?

    Ive been running 16/45 for a year.. no problems with power. I just put a set of dunlop 606's and now running 16/43.. def can tell the tallness... I like it!
  2. wheel lee

    When did you start riding and on what?

    I started pushing around a gurrellie bronco with no engine in 1975.. and graduated to a 1974 honda mr 50 that I still have. My dad bought the bike new from a local honda dealer that had it tucked out back in 1976 for $249.38! (Ive got the reciept). I won my very first 1st place trophy on that bike in the winter of 77,doing a sno-fest hillclimb in the 0-80cc class! I was up against xr75s and rm80s on a snow covered hill. Then in 1980 I got a mint 1974 honda mt 125 and took all the glass off it so it looked like a real dirtbike!! Sold that bike for my 1st street bike,1984 honda vt500 ascot.. after a few years of 750 interceptors , 1000 hurricaines ,harley softail, I got back into dirt with a 74 xl350, then a 86 xr600,89 xr600 ,89 cr500, 03crf450, and my current bikes a 01 xr400(street legal) 05crf450(I race that in the vet class) and a 02 flht 103" bagger.. oh yea I for got to mention the absolutley mint 1973 kawasaki h2 triple with 6000 original miles that I cut up to make a drag bike out of:excuseme: I still have that too!!
  3. I bought a xr 400 with an eline d/s kit that had been installed at one time then put in a box. The fender that came with the kit was broke so I mounted the ufo taillite/blinkers assembly to the stock xr fender.. not sure if I like the way it looks. My ? is Ive seen a taillite/plate holder that looks like it bolts over the exsisting taillite (stock xr fender), but I cant seem to find where to buy one, or a new mx rear fender, in honda red, that fits nice. thanks
  4. wheel lee

    Thanks MRD

    thanks guys!!
  5. wheel lee

    Thanks MRD

    Went over backwards on sun after clearing 115' tabletop.. Pipe is creased where it bolts to frame, called MRD and Dave said whats important is your alive.. send whole pipe in and ill fix it no problem no charge... Dave also said he would repack for me whether it needs it or not!! Thanks Dave.. thanks thumper talk! Im glad I went with this pipe! oh yea its on a crf 450r (05) with the stepped header! power is great.. I will have it on local dyno soon!
  6. wheel lee

    rear shock

    Thanks for the responses..think ill go with the staggs...
  7. wheel lee

    rear shock

    the shock eyelets measure 3/4" inch.. spring on shock now is very stiff. I weigh 195+ and even though shock is bagged out I cant bottom out. where would I look for those shocks you mentioned? thanks
  8. wheel lee

    rear shock

    looking for a rear shock for my RDS-125X roketa.. it measures 10-3/4 from center of eyes...the bike has a straight swingarm,not like cr50 or z50s. I dont race the bike so I dont need the best shock out there, just an upgrade over stock. The shock looks like I could rebuild it.. anyone have specs on oil amount and nitro pressure?? how about seals?? thanks guys