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    Question on KX80 tank

    can't believe no one is going to help me out here. but then again this site has never done me much good.... oh well

    Question on KX80 tank

    I'm working on a 1990 KX80 for young budding MX'er. I'm not versed in Kawi's unfortunately and I need to find him a new tank. I'm looking at several on Ebay and I'm surprised how cheap the parts are! However, I need to know what model year range gas tank will fit his '90. I'm looking at a 97 and it's alot diff from a 89. So if someone could fill me in on the years that the tank was the same as the 90 I'd REALLY appreciate it! TIA EDGE_

    oil filter cover bolt stripped, help!

    never-mind I found the info!
  4. My friend called me tonight saying he stripped out that lower allen head bolt on the oil filter cover on his 1999 YZ400F. He was only turning it in by finger using an allen wrench and it just kept spinning so he pulled it out and noticed about 4 threads of aluminum on the end of the bolt. He said that's all that's in there is 4 threads, so I'm thinking this is probably a common problem. Pain in the ass is the fact that it's in the case and he just sold a perfect 400 engine on EBAY and shipped it out yesterday!lol What should I tell him to do to fix this? Was there a recall or fix kit? Thanks for any insight. Hopefully he won't need to helicoil it. EDGE_

    Fork cross-refferences

    Did Kawi, Honda, or zuki have any forks that were same?

    Fork cross-refferences

    Maybe someone can help me find this info or how to figure it out??

    Fork cross-refferences

    Hi all. I just did a couple searches and didn't come up with anything. I need to know what other manufacturers forks (years/models) will bolt on to a 99 yz400f frontend? Just trying to broaden my options. thanks EDGE_