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  1. so are any of these parts reusable? the head is worn so bad that i cant get the buckets off of the valves on one side. Can a machine shop save me? or am i in the market for a new head, cams, caps ect. please give me some advise thank you.
  2. pdogg01

    Help I need a quick fix!

    oops.... i got it running decent , but that would explain my difficulties. so if i replace the plunger it wont fall out of reach and be impossible to retrieve without pulling the carb?
  3. My 2003 YZ450f has sat for almost a year so I decided to sell it. It wasn't running great so I pulled the carb off to clean everything out. Ibroke the plastic hot start nut in the process. I work at a dealership and have a new one coming, but I have someone who wants to buy it today. I stuck a bolt in the hole where the hot start cable goes in, will this temporary fix create a problem? I can't seem to get the carb adjusted quite right now. Its running extremely rough and popping whith no load on it. So my question is: could capping off the hot start be my problem or do i just suck at adjusting carbs? ( which I kind of already knew)
  4. pdogg01

    Great Pics From Today!

    SIKK PICS!!! Gettin that yami flat! Great riding and great photography. What kind of Camera was he using?
  5. thanks. I knew pretty much nothing about streetbikes when I bought my 600rr. But as soon as I saw the sexy lines of the undertail exhaust, i was sold. Then yosh came out with the oval shaped cabon fiber rs5 pipe i couldn't pass it up. Had it new since april of 05 and i couldn'r be happier with it, great, fast, trouble free bike.
  6. ^^^^ Very nice supermoto! Not having a garage sucks, so I live with the space I got. My 03 yz450 My 05 600rr, waiting for some parts from the slow ass dealership.
  7. pdogg01

    crf 50 big bore questions.

    I also hve a trail bike bbk. I bought the stage 2, I think. It has the carb but not the head. All i did was bolt it together and it ran great. Didn't even touch a screw in the carb and it idled fine, had no flat spots.
  8. pdogg01

    Riding alone

    I've been riding for about five years and untill last week i had never ridden alone. I just moved to a new place so i obviously don't know anyone or anywhere to ride. But I was ichin to get on my bike. I found an ohv park online and went to check it out. It was great at first to not worry about waiting around, or people waiting for you. I did notice myself riding alot more cautios. Espesially because i had never been there before. I got kind of uncomfortable once i was quite a way out on the trails. I started thinking about crashing, or my bike breaking or something. I had a good time but i still feel a lot better with some bros out there with me. IMO any precautions taken are more than worth it.