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    JD help

    James just to let u know , you are one smart dude , the head pipe was leaking , the first day i got my bike i went ahead and studded that bitch up ,and judging it accordingly i had to shim my exhaust in order to not tear a hole Threw my exhaust from those great studs. Well anyway i took the shims out and ran the bike set the carb and it is one heck of a bike. Thanks James and take care.
  2. Zach525exc06

    JD help

    Dear James after i read your answer for me it made alot of sense, but theres one more question tho why is it that when i pull my choke out it seems to clear up the problem? It actually runs better and doesnt pop anymore. Im gona check out the pipe and see whats up, thanks for the advise ,and besides your great you actually respond and quickly too. Thanks!
  3. Zach525exc06

    JD help

    I just bought A new 2006 525exc ,and this thing came with a 178 main,a 42 pilot, a 100 air jet and 3rd positon on my needle, the fuel screw is out 1 1/4 stock .I ve tried turning the fuel screw out to up to 3 turns nad changed my pilot to a 45 with my clip on the fourth position. This thing backfires whenever i let off the throttle and doesnt change much when i turn the fuel screw .My alttitude is 644m and im stumbed and a little frustrated,can u help me, please.