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  1. iride

    Any new '09 XRL's around ?

    unless you're wanting to finance, you could look around for a fairly new, low mileage, used bike that's already depreciated and save some $$$. it may even have a mod or two already done. just my 2-cents........
  2. iride

    What did you do to your pig today?

    I put piggie #1 up for sale - a fairly modded L. I just received my new piston and cam for new piggie #2 - a soon to be pretty-well modded R. gonna really miss the L - what a great bike !
  3. iride

    big bore 720cc 650l experience???

    about 3 years ago i ebayed a hotcam, high-comp piston, and gasket set for just about $250. with the edelbrock carb, it made a realllly nice difference. pulls like a tractor, but i needed more, so i bought an xrr. L is now for sale. already bought a cam and piston for the xrr - time to get out the tools... buy, mod, ride, sell, repeat.........life would suck without motorcycles
  4. iride

    Hotcam or not XR 680l build up

    i installed a hot cams cam and a 10.25 weisco piston a couple of years ago and have really enjoyed the difference. no issues with dependability, starter fires it up just fine. also have an edelbrock pumper and a pipe which help turn this thing into a real tractor. on the low end it pulls as well or better than my stock-internals xr650r. if you're doing the mods you've listed, do the cam too. you can possibly find one for a decent price on ebay. ............just my thoughts (if you decide to do it later, it won't be a big deal since it's at the top of the cylinder head)
  5. iride

    XR50L Flat on trail reality check

    changing tires can suck, but knowledge helps. check out this youtube video from the bridgestone tire guy. i had problems changing a tire 'my way', then watched part 1 & 2 of this video, now changing a tire is not an issue. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=qw0B2gIwbBg&feature=related
  6. iride

    CR 500 - Detail changes through the years?

    dig around on cr500riders.com. you should find plenty there if you do a search.
  7. i did a search, and was researching the usd conversion and think i ran across someone that had used forks off of a yz or wr yamaha. i have tried to find that post again, but have had no luck. i've got a small window of opportunity to pick up forks and triple clamps from an '01 yz 125, but i'm not about to do anything unless i'm confident the parts will work. if anybody can offer any info i'd appreciate it. otherwise, there are lots more forks out there looking for a motorcycle.
  8. iride

    Xr650l? Help! Confused

    if you look around for one that's 2 - 5 years old, with low miles, you'll save a lot of $$, and will probably pick up one that already has some of the desirable mods performed for you.
  9. iride

    Manual for XR650L?

    Go with the Honda service manual. The Clymer manual covers too many years/models & you really have to dig for XR-L information
  10. iride

    Best XRL service manual???

    the clymer manual completely sucks. you have to dig thru many years of different models, and then you'll be lucky if you find what you need. a big waste of money.
  11. iride

    Opinion on '92 kx250

    i found a '92 kx250 that looks to be in very good shape/very fresh condition for about $1000. i haven't fooled w/dirt bikes for 15 years and want a play bike that can rip when i want. i'd sure appreciate an educated opinion. thanks!