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  1. Anmarube

    Got to love guys like this!!!

    Go on, Name and Shame. Then no one will get ripped off. Russ
  2. Anmarube

    Alum Sprocket?

    Surely any weight loss will make a difference. Especially on an XR250.Tell me i;me wrong. Russ
  3. Anmarube

    What wears out quicker, chains or sprokets

    Hi, I would imagine that with most sprockets being Alloy based and chains being metal.The sprocket would wear out quicker than the chain. But when you first buy a new chain they are nice and stiff but a worn out chain can be a little loose on the links.Best change the lot as one. Russ
  4. Anmarube

    Taller XR250L

    Its a 97.Only had it a few weeks and i cant believe how robust it is.When i used to go trail riding on the 600(before supermoto)if you dropped it. You may as well sit down for 20mins cos the would'nt start but this one is perfect.
  5. Anmarube

    Lord, Please Stop Raining

    I know what you mean about the rain in the UK.I lived their for 30 odd years and then moved to Cyprus.Wish we had some rain here now and again.I miss the mud.Used to go to a place in Wales called Toms farm. Russ
  6. Anmarube

    Taller XR250L

    Hi all, New around here and have'nt posted before as all my questions have been answered through searches............BUT i have'nt found an answer to this.I have an XR250L Baja with an electric start.The battery lies behind the left hand plastic panel and underneath the fender.Is the plastic side panel the same as the R version without electric start?.Also how can i raise the rear of the bike so it sits taller?.I have an XR600R supermoto and this sits a lot higher than the 250.By the way the 250 is an awesome little bike thats well suited to over here.Aesthetic parts are also hard to come by here but i can get hold of a seat cover for a late model CR.Will this fit my bike?.Sorry for all the questions but i may as well get them all out of the way at the same time. Cherrs all. Russ