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  1. whats a good front brakepad for a DRZ-SM that sees just standard street commuting duty?Got a part#?TIA
  2. barkbusters,love them.
  3. I use my Sm for commuting just about every work day unless its raining like hell.The DRZ is great for me and my commute but,For sustained freeway speeds and round trips over 80 miles I would definately go with something bigger.
  4. Im running 021's and love them.No loss of grip and so far at 3000miles virtually no wear.If your looking for a hi mileage tire I highly reccomend them,but for all out corner carving I would go with something sportier.
  5. sounds good,get us a pic as soon as possible.
  6. waiting to have my rear 021 put on tues. ,does everydody put in a new tube when adding a new tire?
  7. just traded my ZX14 in for a Harley Dyna Fat Bob.Really can't ride fast in Fl. anymore with all the cops and $1000 tickets for going 50mph over the limit.With the state budget dificit cops are writing tickets for anything and everything.So I got a Fat Bob and love it.Handles well for a cruiser,has dual discs up front and rides really nice.I thought I would hate the foward controls,but I can ride all day without leg cramps.I still have the DRZ for commuting and cutting a few corners.
  8. check this out: http://www.newenoughhp.com/dual_sport/headlight_guards/tci_products/adventure_touring_headlight_guard_suzuki.html
  9. that taillight looks like it would bolt right up to the USA bracket,anybody know where we can get them??I like the euro muffler also.
  10. I always liked the '08 white with blue graphics.That would have looked good in other colors too.Too bad it lasted only one year.
  11. do you have pilot power 2CT's(which are very sticky-I have them on my ZX14) or pilot road 2's??Either way you have to take it easy for about 100 miles of scuffing in.I try to ease into curves and do a lot of hard braking which helps also.Glad your bike is not too bad.
  12. At least he's not doing it on the street.
  13. check this out: http://www.roadracingworld.com/news/article/?article=33454 maybe we can get some street legal DRZSM races going this fall.
  14. I hit reserve around 95-100mi and you will prolly run dry at about 120-130.This is road riding at a normal somewhat spirited pace.Your mileage gets better as the bike breaks in.
  15. hopefully your kidding but,.............those white plastic things are sliders.Put em back on.