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  1. I have no baffle and I run the pmb insert. It definately increased power a bit but it is kinda too loud. My friends tell me that it is rediculously loud. I don't think so..
  2. Hey, I did put the screen back in and it still is loud. (Compared to stock) The way I did it is, I took a large hole saw and drilled out the entire center of the muffler then cleaned up the extra metal with punch and hammer. Looks good in the end..
  3. I did all the mods on my 06 and it is really fast. Don't leave out any mods though. 1. Ais removal 2. Jetting 3. Grey wire 4. two air box mods 5. exhaust 6. fuel screw
  4. YOU GUYS ROCK. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL THE RESEARCH YOU DID FOR ME!!! This is the greatest site for beginner to advanced motorcycle owners. As I read this forum, it gives me the confidence to do any of the task that are needed to make my bike what it should be. Thank all of you once again.. Tony
  5. Need to know all about the ZYP ty fuel screw and Pics on how and where it goes would be very Helpful!!
  6. It was very simple. I did mine last week. YOU CAN EAT AN ELEPHANT ONE BITE AT A TIME!!! Just take your time and follow the instructions.
  7. I did it and it is pretty loud. I am sure I am too loud, but I haven't been checked yet..
  8. Anyone have a pic of where the Fuel screw is to be located. I did all the other mods to my new wr450 and all I have left is the Zyp Ty.