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  1. wingman111

    2019 KTM Factory Editions

    It wasn't so much that they stiffened the valving they stiffened the front of the frame quite a bit that makes they suspension feel worse.
  2. wingman111

    Eletric start harness

    I don't mean to be an ass, but I would assume that everyone that has a 17 with and E start on it bought the harness.
  3. wingman111


    Lots of people like black wheels but they get scratched up and show the base metal pretty fast.
  4. wingman111

    Bar Bend 2019?

    The stock 19 bar is a Rental fat bar in bend H389 so far this is only available from Honda as far as I can tell.
  5. wingman111

    crf450r clutch interchange

    It should work,I transferred a complete Hinson clutch from my former 02 to my 06 when I got it.
  6. wingman111

    Wp aer48 Öhlins inserts

    Kreft Moto revalve,the best.
  7. wingman111

    2007 CRF450R oil leak

    If you recently had the valve cover off its the seal on top of the spark plug tube,
  8. Looks to me like the orange particles are silicone seal, this machine probably had the 5th gear recall, and the mechanic was not careful to not let debris into the engine. If it where me I would change the oil and filter again on a short interval and see what you get and then perhaps it would be a good idea to see if the pickup screen needs cleaning or replacement.
  9. wingman111

    CRF450R8 Exhaust compatibility

    You could use a 04-to 07 it is the same shape and will fit the head pipe is larger in diameter along it's length the 08 tapers the earlier one will hop up the performance.
  10. wingman111

    07 450r started running rich

    What piston do you have in it? and does the front of the air filter have a lot of engine oil on it.
  11. wingman111

    Shock piston O-ring install?

    I have never gotten the stock band on to my satisfaction, it always comes out lumpy and weird, I use the after market band from SDI it is a split teflon coated sintered bushing type that works great and I have used them for quite awhile and have had no damage to the body.
  12. wingman111

    2007 CRF450R Carburetor Question

    Looks like you have a 450x, if so that hose goes into the rubber damper on the Frame cross spar where the back of the tank sits.It has a molded in spot on the left that it tucks into.
  13. wingman111

    Will 07crf450 suspension work 02 or 03

    Don't the 05 to 07 clamps have the fork stops in a different location than the 02 to 04? and the caliper bracket differs.
  14. wingman111

    2007 frame swap

    Well, the bracket that was on the frame for the mid pipe on your 05 is on the subframe on the 07 it looks close but does not really line up.There may be other items.
  15. As stated before the Acerbis one for the 450x model bolts right on but you must trim a small amount of plastic near the tip of the brake pedal, it's easy and the beauty of this plate is that it uses the existing bolts for the so called elephant ears to hold it on, Removal is 2 bolts and takes less than a minute.