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  1. I don't know if we were out of practice or if it was even slippier than we thought or what but to say the day was full off funny get off's would be an understatement. Race season starts next week to Anyway, heres a couple of vid's to bore you silly
  2. Mmmmmm! I want to see Taddy take Knighter on for a full season. I still think Knighter has the measure of them all.
  3. Your welcome mate, cheers.
  4. Yeah, it is smooth for sure, its as flat as a pancake round here (East England, Im from Wales over the West side of Britain). It is only half the track though as the full one is only used on Sundays. Still, it is all easy going and flat Still cant get into these jumps though for the sake of it. Still prefer my mountains and natural obsticles:thumbsup:
  5. Ha! Cheers matey :thumbsup:Ah, me ticker is fine now ive got that bit of metal keeping it fed. Its funny though, i can handle a 2 day enduro far easier than time on the MX track. I guess its what im used to. Good fun all the same
  6. local little MX practice track. Bloody awful combination I love enduro, i'll ride cliffs and all sorts and the KDX is a great woods bike but this forced jumping every corner etc i just dont get. Maybe i should have taken my GasGas EC300 with the better suspension because my shoulder and knee hurt like blue murder:banghead: Ah well, if nothing else the music is good on the vid
  7. Nice bit of easy riding in the Liason sections. Was nice just to ride along following my brother without a care in the world as we were early for the timed stages. Yep, good day.
  8. Ah, but this was only 5 miles or so of a 35 mile plus lap.
  9. Geraint Jones back in the 80's. A local hero of ours back then as we all rode around that area as it was on our doorstep so to speak. Heres some more older enduro stuff, stuff that got me into it. Welsh 2 dayer. Welsh 2 dayer.
  10. Hahahaha! Perhaps it was the fact my clamps had come loose due to the rubber mounts breaking up that it didnt bother me. Funny really, ride that bit quite a lot and i like it weirdly
  11. Bloody good laugh as it's not as technical as a full on enduro. The Liason sections go on for ages and make for some nice riding just for the sake of it. Didnt get any footage of the timed special stages as my camera ran out of memory but these 2 vids are good for the music and showing my home area if nothing else Glad i did'nt take my GasGas EC300 though with 35 mile laps and that hopeless seat :worthy: Nice and wet through here...
  12. My KDX220R.
  13. Not a great deal mate. Risers for the bars and 5mm lower footpegs. Bike is fine like that. At the end of the day its no bigger or smaller than any other bike. 300 2 stroke is obviously more than man enough to pull me about
  14. Me on my 2008 GasGas EC300.