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  1. joebananas

    My new 06 WR250f

    You're welcome. Sorry I've never had the pleasure of riding there. I'm unfamiliar with that area.
  2. joebananas

    My new 06 WR250f

    Thanks, I will.
  3. joebananas

    My new 06 WR250f

    We usually go out to the east side of the city but west of the prison, off the Twenty Mule Team Parkway Road. Lots of long straight-aways. Lots of places where people have made small tracks. And most importantly, very secluded. Here's the Long/ Lat coordinates of the general area. You can plug them into Google Earth and check it out. They don't have hi res of the area yet but you can at least get directions. 35° 08' 50" N 117° 53' 25" W
  4. joebananas

    My new 06 WR250f

    Thanks for the congrats and thanks for the link. Lots of good readin' in there.
  5. joebananas

    My new 06 WR250f

    I'm new to this place so please bare with my ignorance if it shows. I just bought a new 06 WR250f. I plan to break it in this weekend. It's my first new bike, EVER. I've done some reading in this forum and have read about several different mods that may apply to my bike. I'm sure there's some mods I'm gonna wanna make but I'm not sure which ones I should tackle first. I already know I'm gonna hate the throttle that only turns about a quarter turn. How do I fix that? I think some of the mods I've read about might be specific to a certain riding style. I'm not really a novice rider but I'm definately not an expert either. I will mostly do trail riding; a mix of flat and hills, Rowher Flats and California City if you're familiar with SoCal. Can someone tell me which things I should do first? In laymens terms, please. I don't understand the shorthand yet. Thanks