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  1. bigwalleye

    planning a long road trip

    Need to ride my 94 xr650l from Albuquerque to Portland OR. Do you know a free maping site I can hit that will also produce all gas stations availabe along the mapped route? I still have the stock tank so I want to really plan out my stops. Thanks
  2. bigwalleye

    94xr650l gear help

    Need a better gear setup for sand riding. Have 14-50 on right now and have 15-45 on the shelf. What would be the best combo for sand hill climbs?
  3. bigwalleye

    need a good sand tire

    Got a 94 xr650l - need a newrear tire. I am 280 and ride in a fair amount of sand yet ride it to work. Was thinking about getting a TERAFLEX 150/90-18___MC105 but I have been told a wider tire makes for harder turning in sand.I figure since I am slow I need all the tractor effects of a wide deep tread tire. Any draw backs to running a wide vrs narrow in sand?