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  1. clckwrkorang777

    06 DR650SE Surge and Hesitation

    I believe it's worse when it's hot.
  2. clckwrkorang777

    06 DR650SE Surge and Hesitation

    No, I omitted the while nylon spacer as per the instructions... I tried shimming the needle up, but then it ran too rich (throwing black smoke). I messed with the idle a bit, I'm between 2.25 and 2.5 turns out and it's BARELY missing off idle and other performance is good. Thanks for your help (esp. in the other threads) Daniel
  3. clckwrkorang777

    06 DR650SE Surge and Hesitation

    OK, off reading some stuff off the search, seems a lot of people have this problem. By dropping the needle, do you mean put the washer/clip thingy up one clip on the needle?
  4. Hey burned, I need a little help. I rejetted my 06 DR650 with the Dynojet kit, 160 main, needle 4th clip from top, screw out 2 1/2 turns. It surges a little bit cruising in 5th gear around 70-80 indicated, and when I stop at a light or something, there's this off-idle hesitation or flat spot right when I open the throttle to take off. How can I cure this? I live in Jacksonville, FL, so I guess I'm at sea level. Btw I put the screw back in to about 1 3/4 turns in and it seemed to help with the flat spot, but I'm not sure. Maybe I leaned it out too much, causing a surge? Any help is appreciated. Thanks dude Daniel
  5. clckwrkorang777

    Handle bars and alignment on my DR650

    Yeah, I wiped out pretty nasty a couple weeks ago. I have ProTaper Carmichael bars on it now. Now I'm saving up some cash for the new hand guards, Acerbis Rally Brush I'm thinking. Def. get new aluminum bars, they're so much nicer to you.
  6. clckwrkorang777

    Question about air filter DR650 06

    Well I think a k&n is on my list now. My filter is soaked in gas (you can smell and see it, it's really dark) and sand is caked all over it. Hmmm... yay excuse to make bike faster : ). Any temp solutions until I get the filter? BTW my 650 has about 1500 miles on it. Daniel
  7. clckwrkorang777

    Question about air filter DR650 06

    OK cool sounds good, I'll check it before I head to work today. Thanks
  8. clckwrkorang777

    Question about air filter DR650 06

    Hey guys. Since I went out and actually did some hard dirt riding (actually, sugar sand), my bike has been sounding a little different... it doesn't seem to rev as quickly, emits a lower exhaust note and generally feels clogged or sluggish... is that an air filter thing, or some other problem???? Thanks for the replies. Daniel
  9. clckwrkorang777

    Bike getting a makeover (necessary)... advice?

    Yeah I was gonna go ahead and say "hey I'm gonna dump some money into this thing now" and get my kn filter and dynojet and all that. I might still do that. But the important thing is the bars.... Thanks for the response vwbeatle. Felt bad cuz I had to haul it back home instead of riding : (. But hey what can you do. Thanks again.
  10. clckwrkorang777

    Bike getting a makeover (necessary)... advice?

    Wow sorry if I offended anyone. It's an 06 DR650, and it's my first bike so I didn't know if certain bars were better than others. Need handguards and bars, basically. My plastics are kinda messed up but I can live with that. So Bark Busters would be a good choice? Thanks again for replying.
  11. clckwrkorang777

    Bike getting a makeover (necessary)... advice?

    Could somebody please answer me... ? Some advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. clckwrkorang777

    Bike getting a makeover (necessary)... advice?

    Well my foot had a run in with a log today at about 35 mph, sent me flipping over the bike and she got pretty messed up. The bars are really messed up, my handguards broke off, and various other things are in disarray... so I need new parts... any suggestions? (bars are the most important part). TIA Daniel
  13. clckwrkorang777

    My new 650

    Congrats, looks just like mine (except mine has battle scars lol). It's a fun bike man! Crash
  14. clckwrkorang777

    Anyone Take Their DR To Work?

    Tuck: Yeah, the wind sucks. I know what you mean about traveling in a lean lol. I avoid the grated bridges around here though. Holy crap I'm scared of those. But basically an update: Because I'm poor (lol) I've been riding the DR for about 4 or 5 straight days. Well... pretty much every day. The gas savings kicks booty, I have to say. I had a couple of rain scares (like, my bike magically being under the only overhang at work when it started POURING... this guy's Gixxer got soaked, I felt bad), but overall this bike kicks butt. Thanks for the replies guys.
  15. clckwrkorang777

    Need Good DS Tires

    mmmm those michelins look nice. Thanks to all who replied, but it turns out I'm not getting my tires that soon. Being a college student sucks on teh monies sometimes. But I'm keeping all these suggestions in mind! Thanks a bunch! Crash