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    will it beat a trx 450r???

    I read the 2006 12 hour shootout between the predator 500, the YFZ450 and the TRX450R. YFZ450 beat both in almost every category. I also read the same type of competition between the YFZ, TRX and new Quadracer. Quadracer and YFZ both beat the TRX in power, acceleration, and handling. Totally stock, the YFZ beats the TRX every day of the week. Without an HRC kit or at least piped and jetted, Honda now has the slowest 450 out there. I ride the Oregon dunes and have seen hundreds of races up dunes and through tree shots. The Honda's sound cool, but YFZ is almost always first to the top of the hill. That is why I just bought a 2007 YFZ450.