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  1. furrballs95

    YZ250 is it a gas guzzler??

    the last harescramble i raced was 15 miles i went 4 laps and went threw about a tank and 3/4 of gas
  2. furrballs95

    06' YZ250 woods setups.

    i bought an 06 yz about 4 months ago and all i really ride is the woods, all i did was cycra probend bark busters, i run klotz r50 40:1, i use just regular 80w bellray gear saver. the stock pipes are fine for now i would just run them till the need replaced . i went down one tooth on the front sprocket 14 to a 13 put and a renthal gold series oring chain. havent messed with the clickers yet but i think that the stock suspension feels great. the bike alreay has a ton of bottom end so they are kinda alreay setup for the woods. other than that just go out and blast down some trails
  3. furrballs95

    A lot of great riders come from pa

    brett zofckek, dusty clayton, jimmy kelly, mike spilak, are all fast woods riders from southern pa.
  4. furrballs95

    fouled plugs?

    well i think that i figured it out it had to have been my gas or my dumbass mixed my gas wrong. i drained out all of the klots and used my buddys gas and i ran alot better and has yet to foul a plug.
  5. furrballs95

    fouled plugs?

    i ride alot of woods and some motocross but i only race woods races i was mixing my gas 32:1 with maxima K2 now i'm runnin klotz R50 40:1 and i still fouled a plug the other day. I was running the stock BR8EG plug now there is a BR8ES in it and i havent fouled that plug yet.
  6. furrballs95

    fouled plugs?

    well thanks for all the tips i hafto try rejettin and warming the bike up longer, and i'll see how that works, so later for now
  7. furrballs95

    fouled plugs?

    the plug comes our black and oily everytime. I run the bike pretty hard, i'm on the pipe alot, and all of asudded i just foules the plug \. the jettin is stock . so i dont really know wats going on someone help me
  8. furrballs95

    Chirping noise still there

    listen, honda has even said that the oil level recomdations are wrong on the 450's. You need more gear oil than it says. put more in and see if that noise stops. dont ever go by the oul fill screw hole on a honda 450. add more.
  9. furrballs95

    used 02 Honda crf450R...issues?

    Thats too much for an 02 but the bike is a good bike. I have a race buddy that has one and his runs great
  10. furrballs95

    fouled plugs?

    I cant figure outnwhy i keep fouling plugs on my 06' I know its not my mix or my riding ability but i am still running the stock jets. has anybody else had this problem on there bike and can somebody point me in the right direction on why this keeps happening.
  11. furrballs95

    What is the 2006 yz 250 like?

    i picked one up about 2months ago and the bike is by far the best bike i have ever rode, handles like a drean and the throttle responces is nuts, the bike revs up without even thinking aobut it. i came off an 01 ktm 125sx that had a ton of motor work and full procircut suspention, and a bunch of other stuff and my new yz blows it outta the water. i would by another yz in a heartbeat. if you do buy it put a new airfilter on it cause the stock one sucks. and so do the stock tires i blew threw those stupid dunlops in about 2 weeks.
  12. furrballs95

    what takes more skill mx/offroad

    i think that they both take a great amount of skill, but i have sceen alot of mx,ers come out to ride a hare scramble loop with me and they just seem to get winded pretty fast. i think that they both take a great amount of skill but i hate it when people talk down on cross country riders like its just rideing threw the woods. i live on the eastern side of the sates in pa, and there are a ton of rocks and big ass hills and its been raining everyday over here so trails are like ice right now. i have sceen alot of mxers come up to trees that are handlebar width apart and they slow down real fast. but i'm not talkin down on motocross at all i kno it takes just as much skill as everything else. i just enjoy the chalendge of racing for three hours strait on a 10-15 mile loop. being able to make it threw the whole race and finish that makes me feel proud to ride the woods.
  13. i race hare scrambles in the district 5 area mostly pa,and wv, and my 06 yz250 does the same thing i put a short tube on myne with the aluminum cap but myne still leaks. so i just deal with it.
  14. furrballs95

    Best gear box oil

    i just run 80w gear saver but i have ran just 10w-30 before i'm probably going to start doing that again cause its cheaper.
  15. furrballs95


    i just pixked up an 06 yz 250 last thursday, by far the best bike that i have ever purchased. the stock suspention feels great all i plan on doing is applied top tripple clamp, stearing stabalizer, renthal fat bars and put my cycra pro bends on it. but all together that bike feels great the power is awesome.