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  1. You can mix up your own solution using a ratio of 75/25 water and isopropyl (rubbing) alchohol. You can get the alchohol at any supermarket. I'm a cheapskate. And use a rag or similiar item to push out the bubbles and water not your hand or fingers.
  2. Just got an 05 yz250. Previous owner had a local shop revalve the forks and then he rode the bike competitively for 1 season. So I'm wondering what kind of life these kits have. After one season of competition will they be shot and need re-building or can I just change the oil and ride? I'm not competing, just woods and occasional desert so it may be a non-issue. Thanks.
  3. I am not sure there is really a problem. It was revalved by a local shop and I just don't know if valving in general has a limited life to it and I should be concerned due to the prior use in enduro events. I have a friend who also has an 05 YZ and is willing to let me have the internals out of his forks if I want before he sells it. His are RaceTech. So I guess I don't know whether to just keep what I've got or do the swap. I will just be trail riding and maybe it doesn't matter that much at my level. Note to add: The RaceTech forks have fairly low hours.
  4. Just bought an 05 YZ250 that had been re-valved by the first owner and used in enduro/woods competition for one season. Is there a limited life to these components? I plan to change the fluid but am wondering how long one can expect these parts to last under agressive treatment.
  5. prshguy

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    42 years, started on a bike called a Rabbit 90, a 2-stroke scooter, looked kind of like a Trail 90.
  6. prshguy

    Anyone else try Rotella T synthetic?

    I"ve tried the Rotella synth in several bikes that were notchy shifting including my current ST1300. Made no improvement. I'm running Mobil Delo 1300 dino @ 8.50/gal from Chinamart and the shifting is still not perfect but is better than the Rotella.
  7. prshguy

    Current value on a 2005 YZ250

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. Ended up buying the 05 today from this guy. Runs well, looks to have been taken care of except one of the fork seals is weaping and it looks like it needs rear pads. Ended up getting slightly bent spark arrestor with it that I was able to fix so luckily that is an expense I won't have to deal with. Starts first kick and pulls cleanly. Looking forward to the trails next week, should be fun.
  8. prshguy

    Current value on a 2005 YZ250

    Thanks. I'm going to look at one today. Guy wants $3300 firm, he enduroed with it for 9 months then parked it. He took off the original plastic and wheels and stored them when he bought it and now they are back on the bike so from the photos it looks brand new but the bike itself has a season of competition on it. He put new a new piston, rings and wrist pin in just before he parked it. It's totally stock except for re-valving the suspension. I'm going to have to add a spark arrestor at the very least so theres another $250 so now I'm going to be in it about $3600 and I'm not sure this is such a great deal especially hearing what you paid for an unmolested one.
  9. Hi guys, I was looking for a WR450 but after reading so much positive feedback on using a YZ250 as an off-road machine I'm thinking it might just be the ticket. But, I am trying to get a feel for what the values are. Kelly Blue Book says low(trade-in) is $2485 and a high(dealer) of $3635. But here in CA with the red sticker limitation I'm wondering how values are affected and what is realistic/fair for a clean un-abused 250. Would like to hear from other CA riders what I should expect to pay assuming minimal options, just a plain stock bike. Thanks, Roger
  10. prshguy

    After a CRF150, which 2-stroke to pick?

    We sat her on a YZ125 the other day and it was pretty tall for her. Tomorrow we look at an 06 KX100 that has been ridden only a couple of hours and I'm thinking maybe put her on this for a year then go to the YZ when she can handle the power. Are the KX100s known for any issues? I generally prefer Yamaha over Kawasaki but in this case it's a matter of finding the right size bike over brand preference.
  11. prshguy

    After a CRF150, which 2-stroke to pick?

    She's 5'6", not sure of inseam. Hadn't considered KTM, past experience from the mid-90's with a 300EXC was not good so kind of staying away from that brand although sure see a lot around nowadays. Are the KX125s any good, thinking about a 2002 that is local, haven't seen it yet in person, but picture looked clean.
  12. Hi All, Kind of have a dilema here. My 15 year old has outgrown her CRF150 and wants a 2-stroke for less weight and more power. She is only riding trails, no tracks. From searching the site it looks like the YZ125 is the best bike in this class and for our budget and needing a green sticker, the '01 with the 6-speed tranny looks like a winner but the seat is so stinking tall, 39":eek: Here's my question, should I get the YZ and try to lower it, like cut down the seat, raise the forks and do a lowering link for the back or is there another 2-stroke worth looking at that has a lower height? There is a 2002 KX125 for sale locally that from the pictures looks to be lower and is fairly stock and unabused. Would really appreciate some advice on this one.
  13. prshguy

    I am leaking!

    At just one year old it is unlikely you need to replace the float needle and seat due to wear, but I suppose it's possible. What you describe sounds more like you've got a small piece of debris stuck on the tip of the needle or on the seat. Check them both carefully, use a magnifying glass if you have to, especially on the tip of the needle. If the needle or the seat, is nicked or cut, then yes you'll need to replace them.
  14. prshguy

    Shifting is a little bit harder

    My 06 is really notchy between 1st and 2nd, adjusting the clutch play helped some, and I'm using the Honda 85w trans oil but it still it has not helped much. Will a synthetic oil help or is the Honda stuff synthetic already?