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  1. I only paid about $90 shipped for it with the filter, so it didn't break the bank by any means. Within 2 HP is close enough for me. Just looking for the most economical, reliable, daily rideable combo possible.
  2. The vortex airbox is an aluminum airbox that is basically like doing a 4x4 mod instead of a 3x3 mod. I don't know if the extra airflow CAPABILITY is really needed, but I got it cheap for around the price that I would have paid for a K&N filter and it looks cool. 12:1 runs on 93 or can 89 or 87 be used? So stage 2 hot cams, some ferrea valves, and some nice valve springs to make sure the cams don't beat them up too bad and I am good.
  3. So i have read a bunch of threads and figured out most of what I want to do to my DRZ. My ultimate goal is to make as much or a little bit more than a CRF450, buying parts and going up in power as the money becomes available. Here is my plan: Step 1- Vortex airbox with K&N filter (already have) FCR MX tuned for stock pipe Step 2- Above with Yosimura Stainless exhaust Rejet carb Step 3- Athena 94mm big bore kit Hotcams Maybe some mild headwork and valve springs My questions: Does this sound like a good plan of attack? Is Athena the best bore kit for the $? What compression ratio should the big bore kit be. It must run on pump gas. Will that compression ratio require 93 octane? What hotcams should I get? From wehat I hear there are stage 1, stage 2, and newer cams that have no stage designation Is headwork, valves, springs really required? I am looking for 45-50HP. Anything else that I am forgetting?