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  1. The one in the pic belonged to a buddy.. mine was actually a 90cc Kawasaki, and like you, the fruit of paper route earnings. Not really possible for kids to do that these days. I think, new, the 90 was less than $400 new...and 40 cents a gallon for gas...
  2. no doubt a major contributor but I think the 34 years of technology improvement is in there somewhere too... go figure...
  3. Oldie but goodies.... me from 1972 on a 100cc Kawasaki... so why can't I do that on my drz-400 S today?
  4. Can anyone educate me on the key discriminators? Do the renthal come with a cross brace? I gather no matter which one I go for, I will need new mounts. I could not find them in the TT store. Any ideas? thanks
  5. I have a blue 2005 drz 400 S. Already got case shields and woodsbuster handguards cart contains Flatland Radiator Brace - Suzuki DR-Z400S (00-04) ThumperTalk Manual Cam Chain Tensioner Renthal FMF 909 H'BAR MINI-HI 31.5/3.74/2.37 Protaper Cpntour CR HIGH PLT GRY PT 31.3/4.4/2.5 Funny that while I selected the 00-05 rad guard, the cart does not say that... So...which bars should I get? Do they both come with cross braces or are they seperate? Do either need special mounts? thanks in advance....
  6. Thanks for all the advice folks... seems my troubles have only just begun. I noticed that they failed to ship the mounting brackets. Furthermore, the picture in the instructions is not the same as my bike...mine has a cross brace welded in, the picture does not. And it really looks like the mounting brackets fit where the cross brace welds into the handle bars. I ust called the previous owner and he swears they are stock....2005 drz 400 S Just call me dooffus.
  7. I am too much of a wimp to be taking a hacksaw to my throttle grip. Maybe I don't understand... when the weights are off, and I pull out the grommet part (learned to just loosen it and it all slides out) then there is a wide hole. Peering down the hole, there does not seem to be any end to the wide diameter till past the throttle grip. I am still thinking I have the wrong mounting system or I need to be getting some sort of inserts. I figure the mechanic studs reading this are either bored to tears at my complete incompetence or merely shocked that I would try anything other than put gas in the thing.... there was a time I had a clue... now I am hoping someone here can give me one.... ;-)
  8. Steel not aluminum? Inserts? I guess I will try to contact woodsblaster to find out if they shipped the wrong part. I ordered for stock bars (are they steel?). The mounting brackets seem to fit... its just those wierd "bar mounts" on the ends that are a mystry.
  9. Excellent info.. thanks... but the mounting device that came with the woodsblasted is a screw (shorted and fatter than the one for the weights) that goes through the bar and threads into a split thing that apparently will twist to wedge into the grip... trouble is, the hole in the grip is far too wide. I guess I am thinking I will try the long, thin screw and grommet deal that came with the weights. But the head does not fit well. Seems like a clutzy way to mount these things... I wonder if I am missing an insert to reduce the diameter of the handle bar opening.....
  10. Well what a pain this was/is/gonna be. So I get this package and drill my 8 holes and curse and swear as I try to make the blue plastic guards fit (finally done) then look at the next instruction which merely says "Mount bar ends on handguard and install on bars". What??? I have this big gaping hole. These "bar ends" slosh around in there like broom stick in a pail. My particular DRz 400 had black, about 1 inch, end caps on the grips secured in an ingenious way... A long screw (smaller diameter than the "bar end" screw) that passes through a nut (through, not screwed through) and screws into another nut on the opposite side of a wide rubber grommet. Apparently, as the screw is tightened, it squishes the grommet, expanding it, making for a real secure fit.... Anyway.. I note the first nut precisely fits the woodsblaster "bar end" screw...but I am at a loss... I do not see how to secrue the woodsblaster bar to the grips. I have a 2005 DRz 400 with stock bars. Does anyone have advice for the mechanically challenged (at least I feel that way on this job"). thanks in advance. P.S. on advice from this forum, I purchased the case shields and the woodblaster. Curiously, when I was at the parts dept to get a ramp, I asked if they had ever heard of a case shield and how often to folks need to replace a cracked (from a fall) magnesium cover... his answer was "never heard of a case shield and in 10 years in parts, I can't say I sold many covers. Well...I am sure my first fall is not far away and I do have some comfort in knowing I am ready.... as the saying goes: "shields up!"
  11. Thanks folks...battery tender bought Actually, the service guy mentioned the battery tender... he just did not have a reason for why I should have it..he only knew that many folks do....mind you he was also draining the battey trying to start it when I told him the gas is probably too low... sure enough... bit of gas and it fired right up Anyway...never occured to me that there is a clock and so some trickle amount (ie a visible spark in a poor lighting situation). I feel better now...thanks folks!
  12. So I ust bought a 2005 DRZ-400 with 185 miles on it... ie pretty well new. However the owner had it for over a year so it sat and sat. He told me that 6 months in he had to replace the battery (warranty) as it failed to start the bike. Well.. the new battery is now flat too. When I disconnected the positive terminal first (is that a no no?) I noticed it sparked. So it appears to be draining when off....or is this normal? I am not looking forward to asking a mechanic at $40/hr to remove an replace stuff till he stumbles on what ever part is leaking amps. Soooooo... anyone have any ideas? My first suspect is the ingnition switch... and no... I did not pull the rookie mistake of switching it to park instead of off... definately sparks when definately off... help!