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    o6 250sxf

    I have about 15+ hours on my 250SXF. I had the same problem starting it was difficult. I used to kick that thing 20-30 times before it would bark. I took the advise I read on TT. It needs a slow kick not too fast.... Also the starting improved greatly over time. I can start mine first kick 90% of the time. Also don't belive what you read here on TT about turning the idle up. esentially that only give it more throttle and has an adverse affect and make it harder to start. Just keep riding it get's better.
  2. milokeyfob

    KTM 250f Timing

    Hi, I saw your reply to a posting, said you have a service repair manual in PDF format for KTM 250SXF ? I just purchased a 06 250SXF and was wondering you would send me a copy? I would greatly appreciate it. If not that's ok to. Thanks email mark.brown@unisys.com