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  1. turbbo

    2009 ktm 250xc-w

    Last bike I had was a 2006 Yamaha WR450. Sold it in 2008. Want to get back into 2-strokes. What are your thoughts on a 2009 KTM 250xc-w? Need something light and snappy for MI trail riding. Thanks in advance.
  2. turbbo


    Thanks barronracing74 for the music info. I really appreciate it. Take care.
  3. turbbo


    Cool video, nice editing! Really like the music choice. Who is the band & what is the name of the song? Thanks.
  4. turbbo

    Converting a WR450

    I currently have a 2006 Yamaha WR450. It is already Michigan street legal. Due to work, I don't get a lot of time to ride off road any more. I want to convert it into a supermoto. The motor is stock . I do have a FMF Power Bomb header with a Q series exhaust. I will not be racing the bike, just riding around town and on some fast back roads. Here are my questions: 1. What kind of rims and tires - size and brand names? 2. What size sprockets - front & rear? 3. Do I need to change the brakes from the stock ones? I guess we will start there. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.
  5. turbbo

    Problem with FMF full system

    Thanks for the quick responses. I removed the AIS system and did the free mods etc. Also tried different pilot jets. I know carb basics, this is why I'm so puzzled. I think I will try playing with the fuel screw some more. It's at 1.5 turns out now. I will keep backing it out to see if I can clean up the problem. Thanks again!
  6. I have a 2006 WR 450. Put on a Power Bomb header with a Q-4 exhaust. I live in Michigan so the elevation is right around sea level. This is how I re- jetted the carb. 172 main, 52 pilot, jet needle 3rd. position from the top and the fuel air screw is 1.5 turns out. Every time I get off the gas it pops like crazy out the back of the exhaust. I have taken the carb off and re-jetted 6 times to try and correct and no luck. I been on the phone with FMF every night after work trying to come up with solutions. I have had 4 other FMF systems on different bikes and quads and there has never been an issue. The funny thing is the bike starts right up, and idles perfectly. When you ride it the difference is like night and day compared to the stock system. The bike pulls harder and is a lot quicker. Just back fires and pops when you back off the gas. Any one have a problem like this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. turbbo

    What did you do to your WR today?

    I took a picture of it...
  8. I have a 2006 WR450. I ride mostly trails and fast fire roads. My bike is stock and everything is uncorked. I'm looking for some overall performance. This is what I plan on doing. Hot Cams stage 1 exhaust cam, 13.5:1 Wiseco piston, and FMF powerbomb header with a Q4 exhaust. What do you think? Any other suggestions or comments would be great. Thanks in advance.
  9. turbbo

    FMF full system

    I'm considering putting a FMF high flow header and Q4 exhaust on my 2006 WR. Anyone running this system and was there much difference from your uncorked stock system? Thanks in advance.
  10. turbbo

    Replacement plastic

    Tried all of these companys. Even Cycra. No luck. Thanks.
  11. turbbo

    Replacement plastic

    I have a 2006 Wr. I'm looking for black side panels and black fork covers. Every company I find only has replacement plastic in blue or white. Any suggestions? Where do you get your plastic from? Thanks in advance.
  12. turbbo

    Yamaha Cleaning Fatty Pipes

    While riding my Banshee on the lake this winter, I was leaning to much and my pipes burned a hole thru my snowmobile bibs - lower leg section. Now I have black nylon burned on my pipes. I tried every metal cleaner I could think of and nothing will get them clean. Do you have any ideas, or should I just get them re-chromed? Thanks in advance for any info.
  13. turbbo

    Scary Fast Power Shot

    Has anyone installed the Scary Fast Power Shot on their WR. This is an accelerator pump cover which claims to improve throttle response. I'm thinking about putting one on my 06, but don't know if it is worth the money. Thanks for any replies.
  14. turbbo

    2007 WR450 Seat seems REALLY hard...

    jams229, I agree with you about the stiffness of the seat. I think a cinder block would be more comfortable. We ride alot of trails and fast fire roads. We sit down about 25% of the riding day - that's enough! My buddy and I are looking into a seat from GUTS RACING or WWW.SICASSRACING.COM. SICASS has standard soft, standard super soft, tall soft and tall firm seats. I am going with standard soft They all come with a carbon fiber look. Pretty cool! Hope this helps you out.
  15. turbbo

    Scary Fast

    I bought a 2006 WR450 last April. Going from a 2004 Drz 400 and after doing all the unplugging I really like how this bike performs. After riding spring, summer and fall I'm ready to do some upgrades. Has anyone installed a Scary Fast Racing powernow or Scary Fast Racing powershot. All the articles I have read the feedback is positive. Magazines say they are both worth the money. If anyone has installed any of these products, where did you feel the difference in performance. We ride mostly trails and fast fire roads here in Michigan. Thanks in advance for any feedback.