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  1. Merry Christmas to me! X-mas eve more than 150Km on the bike and a good portion of that was in axel deep mud. Christmas day another 80Km. Global warming is happening much faster than predicted. The further north you go the more evident it becomes. BUT..... being able to ride Nova Scotia trails in December without snow or ice is pretty cool.
  2. Happy Holidays to all you fellow TT'rs from Nova Scotia.
  3. I have over 9000Km on my 04 DRZ400s and no poblems at all. Nor have i heard/read of such an overheating problem here on TT. I would pass on that bike. Unless you can talk to the original owner. Get the ser# and source the owner yourself for some Q&A. I wouldn't necessarily trust the dealer for the previous owner info.
  4. The Kawi KLX400SR was sold in Canada for 03/04 for sure. Almost bought one until i found my yellow DRZ. Only difference between the two aside from Color is the dash, Kawi analog Suz digital. There is one here in town,,, not for sale though.
  5. The DRZ is absolutley the best bang for buck out there. it beats quads, sleds and other motorcycles as well IMO. When i can run the highway at 110Kmh + and then be 30km's in the woods day after day without anything but routine maintenance, what else can you buy that will let you do that! I love my DRZ!!!
  6. Pefect,,, sounds like it is exactly what i am looking for. Address is now in my pocket. Thanks man.
  7. Shopping for anyting from boots, helmet, gloves, parts, not really looking for anything specific i guess if something tickles my fancy i will get it......So i guess i am shopping for a bike shop that carries gear for off road riding. Thanks for the quick reply by the way. TT is great! Stacy
  8. Hey fellas, i will be in Orlando next week and was wondering if there are any decent bike shops in the area where i could go gear shopping? Stacy
  9. Thanks fellas, i knew someone here would know.
  10. Hey guys,,, i remebered from my childhood a neighbor with a HD dirt bike. I searched today and found the same model on E-Bay. I was too young to at the time to absord anything about the bike. Do any of you guys know if it was a single or twin, 2 or 4 stroke and did anyone out there ride this bike? If so what did you think? The addy below will take you to the site, just paste it to explorer.
  11. GREAT IDEA!!!! Thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Billy There is a response above from a cop. I am not a cop but i do agree with him. I have ridden motorcycles all my life, more than 20yrs. But until last year all my riding had been off road and NOT IN TRAFFIC. Auto drivers do not see bikes, i kicked the RF quarter pannel of a nice new 2005 Passat last summer (left a big dent) when the driver for some whatever reason did not see me. The driver knew they were wrong as they did not even try to stop me after i kicked the car. I am all about freedom but the survival skills talked about by the cop are essential and only come with time and experience. After riding a bike in traffic i have also become a much more cautious automobile driver. The extra attention you pay to intersections and other drivers when on a bike carries over to auto's. With that said i know how you feel, i believe your Dad and trusts you but it is the other drivers out there that he does not trust because you can't!
  13. I live on the coast of Nova Scotia, we get a lot of strong wind and i too have felt like the bike was going to blow over. What i have found to work best for me is to sit as far up to the front of the bike as possible. This makes a very noticable difference in stability in windy conditions. It is really night and day for me. mention that i weight ~190lbs.
  14. Thanks for the heads up. They are free to delete it as far as i am concerned. But the opportunity to view it when i could was too hard to pass up.
  15. No problem man,,, that is what we are here for. In fact It was someone else who posted that link here several moons ago i took advantage of it, i forget who it was but kudos out to him. Stacy