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  1. Sounds good. i'm going to do the 280 bore also. good to hear that it stays dependable. most of my mod experience is with snowmobiles and dependable is not part of that scenario. thanks,
  2. Hey stroked, thanks for the reply even without the info, morale builder, my wife thinks i'm crazy to change it. i do have the exhaust insert but i think i will go with an aftermarket pipe like you did. in addition i'm going to put in a big bore kit so i'm hoping for big increase in power and have that light weight to boot. thanks again.
  3. Hi, I'm putting a mikuni 33mm pumper flatslide on my 03 xr250. I was wondering if anybody out there has done this and if so how are you jetted and what jet needle do you have? I'm just trying to get an idea where to start to save some time tuning the carb. Right now i still have the stock pipe on. thanks.
  4. Thanks Noble, that's kind of what i was figuring would be the case.
  5. I have a friend who just got an 03 DRZ-400. i think it is an S version but the previous owner removed the electric starter. My friend would like to put one back on despite my advice to the contrary. I was wondering if there is an aftermarket starter kit for these bikes? Thanks