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  1. Great video...can't wait until we get more footage from the upcoming spring break trip to Little Sahara and Grand Junction!
  2. Icefox

    CRF450 Water pump impellar

    Should be on the flat part, in between the fins. I wouldn't drill my own hole in an old one because Honda probably had done a bunch of tests on where the best spot would be to put the hole. I just ordered a new impeller from ServiceHonda.com along with some new seals and a new shaft (because mine was grooved) and mine hasn't leaked since! I also threw in some Engine Ice to replace the regular old green coolant.
  3. Icefox

    Engine Ice

    I recently added Engine Ice to my system after I had to change out the seals on the water pump shaft. I haven't had a chance to really compare the operating temperatures because I don't have the radiator temperature indicating strips, but a lot of guys that I ride with swear by it and say that it has helped lower thier operating temperatures. I haven't heard of any issues or problems with it, plus it's already pre-mixed with distilled water so there are no mixing worries, just dump it in straight from the bottle to the radiator...makes things a little easier on you.
  4. Icefox

    Water Pump Impeller Issues

    Yep, I've got it on order from ServiceHonda right now! Now I just have to wait a week for all the parts to get here, and the weather is so nice here for it being early November.
  5. Icefox

    Water Pump Impeller Issues

    Update: I got impatient and found a small torch to heat the impeller up with. After a few seconds of heating and some more vice grip action, the impeller came off with not too much trouble. Now if I only would have tried this before I got frustrated with it and ended up messing up the impeller all together!
  6. Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a while now but I have a problem that came up tonight that I'm looking for advice on. During my last ride, I noticed that there was a small amount of coolant leaking from the weep hole. After ordering the oil seal and the coolant seal from ServiceHonda.com, I began to change the seals today. I own a Clymer manual, so I have all the instructions on how to do it, but when the impeller was put on by whoever installed it last it looks like it was overtightened or possibly had some kind of threadlocker on it. The hex shoulders already had some sign of rounding before I began to attempt to remove the impeller from the shaft, but after a couple turns of the socket the hex shoulders were compltely rounded. In an attempt to remove it still, I used a pair of vice grips and clamped down on the rounded hex shoulder. Using the vice grips, I could still not budge the impeller. It seems to be made of some fairly soft metal and the only thing it's doing is making a bunch of metal shavings from me wrenching on it. I noticed in the manual that the CRF250R uses left handed threads, but it never mentions anything in the 450R section about left handed threads, so I've been turning it counter-clockwise. I am definately going to have to replace the impeller, and probably the shaft as well, just for safe measure, but first I have to get the impeller off of the shaft to get the old stuff out! I was considering heating it with a torch a little bit and then trying to turn it some more. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey everyone, this is my first post on here, but I've mostly just been reading other threads that catch my eye. I just got a 2004 CRF450 and it has a Wiseco 12.5:1 piston, a HotCams stage 1 cam, and is ported. The guy I bought it from ran a 50/50 mix of race gas (111 octane) to pump gas (91 octane) in it. The local store that sells race gas is only open M-F and I am wanting to go ride tomorrow. I see a lot of guys with the 13:1 piston that still run pump gas with no problems, so my question is: Can I run 91 octane pump gas in my bike without having any pinging issues? My only other options would be to use an octane booster from the auto parts store or wait until monday until I can get some race gas to mix with it. Thanks for the help in advance!