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    Still suffering after Coccygectomy

    I broke my tailbone giving birth to my first child 3 years ago and that took a good six months to feel better again. At that time we didn't know I had broken it I thought it was just the pain that comes along with having a baby, but when i started feeling the bone move around I suspected it was a little more. Well six weeks ago I had my second child (a little baby girl) and low and behold I broke my tailbone again. This time I felt the pop and the doctor heard it. It kills me cause I just got a knew bike, so I tried getting a corticosteroid injection (they did it on monday) and it just hurts worse now than before. I'm hoping I just need to give it another day (aww who am I kidding). I've thought about having it removed as well but from the research I've done people often have just as much pain. So sorry to break the bad news but you might just have to see a pain specialist from here on out.
  2. renman13

    free Sticker? Decals?

    i can't remember no fears address I just got it off of their website
  3. renman13

    free Sticker? Decals?

    I just started getting stickers yesterday and no fear sent me some awesome ones- on the back of them one said $4.00 and the other one was $2.80 man they are awesome
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    Hey guys, I have a similar post over in the thumpette forum, but I wanted a slightly different opinion over here. My husband wants me to get a rekluse on my 150 RB (he thinks that will make it the most perfect bike there is for me) and I wanted to get some ride reviews from those of you that have it.
  5. I had a great idea for a used knobby. So I took my used rear tire and spray painted it black then put two bolts in it hooked up a chain and put a cork board inside and now it is a bulletin board in my son's room and looks sweet and only cost 7 bucks. Maybe I'll post a pic later. I also thought you could find a clock kit and make an awesome clock for your garage. Maybe I'll get a little 50 tire and make a picture frame for my kid's dirt bike themed room. I finally got the pictures but they are from my crappy camera phone
  6. renman13

    Real Braggin Rights!!

    Here is my rockstar. He will be two on Saturday and I want to get him a 50 sooo bad, but alas it will be at least another year. Here he is with his rockstar dad
  7. Renman's Wifey here: So I rode my first trail ride on my new CRF 150RB and it was the funnest ride I have ever been on. I feel like such a better rider on this bike than my old 230F. Now I did stall it like a million times but I could tackle much more difficult terrain than I ever could have handled on the 230. But here is the dilemma: My husband has the rekluse clutch on his bike and loves it. And although I did much better on this ride I did hold up the guys with all the stalling. So my hsband thinks I should definately get the rekluse. I kind of want to get better using my clutch before i give it a try. So what do you gals think. Should I get the rekluse and not look back or should I hold off and get used to the bike first? Also I feel a little like the rekluse might be cheating kinda and even if I get better the guys will just atribute my progress to the rekluse.- is this stupid or realistic?
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    Don't throw your used tire away

    very nice- I will have to steal that idea if I ever get a garage bathroom
  9. renman13

    Don't throw your used tire away

    I got the pics up just for you switch540
  10. renman13

    gosh dirt bikes are expensive

    try keeping two snowmobiles running. They are money pits (even brand new).
  11. renman13

    Don't throw your used tire away

    I don't have one at the moment - I'll have to post it later tonight.
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    To rekluse or not to rekluse

    My husband does have the rekluse on his CRF 450R and I have ridden it with it installed, but only on a home made track. It makes that bike feel way more managable to me. But if I stalled his bike I'm a good three inches from touching my feet to the ground. The 150R seems to stall a little more than the 450 used to. Now don't get me wrong here I'm not an idiot when it comes to the clutch I rode my 230 for a year and rarely stalled it. But the 150R on the single tracks and rocky switchbacks we ride tends to be quite a bit more of a handful than my old trail bike. It's good to hear you guys say that you think calling it cheating is ridiculous, however it seems that my ideas are somewhat correct since many of the posters seem to think that the riders of rekluse bikes are somewhat deficient. I will most likely end up getting a rekluse just to keep up, since I am the only chick that rides a bike in my crowd and all the guys have grown up riding. But I am going to wait a little bit just to see how much I can learn between now and then.
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    A bike for my wife

    Renman's wifey here: I started with no experience not even mountain bikes, and I am 5'4" and 105 lbs. I started on a CRF 230 and it was great but very heavy when you can't touch the ground well. So i dumped it a lot. I rode it for a year and just got my CRF 150RB a month ago- this bike is the perfect size for me. I can touch the ground much better and the bike is 70 pounds lighter than the 230. I never had a problem picking up the 230 but with the 150 I can usually save the bike before it falls to the ground so I don't have to pick it up. Now as far as riding I feel much less comfortable with the throttle control that the CRF 150R demands but hopefully that will come with time. Either way both bikes are great but if you have confidence in your wife think about the 150RB (not F).
  14. renman13

    How long?

    I got my first bike last year and ride with my husband once every other week. I just moved up from my CRF 230 to a CRF 150R and I always have a death grip on the bars even on flat ground. But holy cow is it fun. That is why I ride, it is such a great feeling to conquer my fears and do something I never would have thought I could.
  15. renman13

    Beginner's bikes con't...

    I was a complete newb last year and started on a CRF 230F. Just sold it for a CRF150R. The bike is a blast but I've got a lot of practice ahead of me to be able to ride it on the trails. Last time out I crashed it 5 times:bonk: , I was all bruised up but it never felt as bad as that beast of a 230 landing on me. And truthflly even the crashes were fun, I even landed on my feet once.
  16. Renman's Wife here, I started with absolutely no experience on a 230 last year and it was great, but we already bought me a new CRF 150R. I am 5'4'' and 105 lbs as well, and yes you can bottom out the bike at that weight. Now I am in no means a good rider but the crashes that I have taken on my 150R (alot of them) have been much less severe than the 230 because the bike doesn't throw me around so much. I can also throw the 150R around ALOT BETTER. Picking up a 230 isn't as big of a deal as people make it out to be (trust me I've had to do it alot). My biggest problem with the 150R is where I am such a newb I grab the throttle alot when I get scared (very bad), but your GF probably isn't as much of a goob as I am. Truthfully I kind of wish i started out with a more aggressive bike and learned better throttle control early on. However, I am an opinion of 1 (and definately not an authority on anything) so don't go by just what I say.
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    Boy's Room bike theme

    Hey gals, We are finally moving into our new house, and I have a week off from school, so I wanted to decorate my 18 month old's room with a dirt bike theme. The walls are kind of a dirt color already so I thought I wold add some splashes of darker brown around the bottom to look like mud splashing up and some tire tracks. Then I thought I could paint some type of mural on one wall-not too sure of that yet. I know they make some way cute pro-taper pillows I could get for his bed, and I could take an old dirt bike tire and either make a clock or a frame. So I am looking for some more ideas- like what to paint on the walls and if there are any cute furniture ideas. So if you got some burning idea let me know will ya. Thanks in advance, Shawna and baby Ryan
  18. renman13

    Boy's Room bike theme

    Actually in his room in our apartment I cut out magazine pics from dirt rider and the like and he stares at them and makes revving sounds all day. So I think he'll be excited about anything bike related. thanks for all the ideas. You gals and guys are great. One thing I have yet to decide is if I want to make it a trail ride theme or a motocross theme. So keep the ideas coming to help me decide.
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    Ankle Laxity

    Renman's wife here. Anyone here have surgery for a lateral grade III sprain of their ankle? I completely tore my anterior talofibular ligament when I was 13. I rehabbed it like crazy and all seemed good. Later on (when I was 17) I dislocated my shoulder and had three consecutive surgeries to fix it. During that time I took up hiking and my ankle problems came back. The ortho said he could operate to fix it but at the time another operation was the last thing I wanted, so I rehabbed it again with less than stellar results. Now I am 24 and have taken up dirtbiking and the other day I washed out my front tire coming into a corner too fast and I sprained the medial side of my ankle inside my boot and now my leg feels like its sliding around on my foot when I walk up stairs or push off of it. It isn't incredibly painful, just uncomfortable and eerie. So anyone here have any kind of insight as to what my next "step" should be.
  20. renman13

    size conversion

    Their were a ton of closeout boots in size 5 and 6 when my wife was shopping. Which was awesome because they were way cheaper.
  21. renman13

    Navicular Bone In Wrist

    The navicular is one of the bones in the foot. However, there is a bone in the wrist at the base of the thumb called the navicular. So due to the confusion they commonly call the navicular in the wrist the scaphoid. Since the scaphoid has poor blood supply it has a hard time healing if broken and sometimes requires surgery. But your injury could still be a sprain (they take a tremendous amount of time to heal as well). No matter what the injury is if it has been two years and it is still bothering you GET IT CHECKED OUT. You will be a much better rider with a wrist that's a 100%. Chances are the doctor might just give you some exercises to do and all is well.
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    good step up?

    My wife had zero experience on a bike when we got her 230. After a couple of months we're already thinking of upgrading to a 250X. Only problem is the heighth, which shouldn't be a problem for you. So as much as we love her 230 there are more suited bikes out there. I would say definitely go for more power and pass up the 230.
  23. renman13

    2005 Cfr150f

    You might want to think about the 230. That is what I got my wife. She's 5'4'' and 110lbs. It has E-start too which is great for a learner. My wife learned on her 230 and then had the chance to ride a 150 a couple weeks later. She was a little dissappointed in the 150's power comparatively. A 150 would be great bike, but I just thought I'd give ya something to think about.
  24. That's awesome. It's great that you're so excited. My son is thirteen months and we use grandma a lot so just the hubby and I can go on romantic dirt rides (okay so they're not really romantic, but it's the only time we get to go riding). Check out the cute MX P.J.'s they make for little babies, we got some for our boy and they are soooo CUTE. Good Luck and congrats. Shawna
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    Little Moto

    Check this kid out! Just a little video I put together of my kid doing crazy riding stunts. Fairly humorous. Good Music. http://s74.photobucket.com/albums/i277/renman13/?action=view&current=LittleMotowmv.flv