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  1. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    For the Saturday race they charged an $8 gate fee, $25 entry fee and another $10 for a one day membership fee if you weren't an OMA member. The turnout was pretty light on Saturday somewhere between 50 and 100 riders in the adult motorcycle race. No idea for Sunday as I was living it up at the Bears game
  2. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    No problem there Ron, you see, I may have gotten more woods experience than you lately but riding in the woods is anything but my main focus. I much prefer the track and will gladly take you up on your challenge.
  3. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    I didn't expect the turnout to be all that great. For some reason Saturday races never are. Definitely would have liked to have seen a few more racers out there though. I'm sure BR is losing money on days like that so I'm not sure if they'll do more Saturday races or not.
  4. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    Hey Ron - Good catching up with you again. I agree, it was a pretty fun course but it did contain a bit more woods than I was expecting. It was still 80% motocross and a good warm up for the GNCC in a couple of weeks. I still can't believe I won that race having gotten lost twice out there and ending up way off course. I'll have to correct that next year. What was the final count in our class anyways? 4 maybe 5 - that sure helped Bob - get well soon and we'll go hit FredBud.
  5. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    Look for Bob and myself and a couple others from my group to be showing up around 10am.
  6. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    Yep, I remeber your son. Mine doesn't ride so much anymore. It's down on his priority list but, like you we have an '06 KX250F ( that we share). Lately, he seems to have gotten the bug again so my days on the thumper could be limited . I've been thinking about trying a 450 anyways although I really love the 250F and that's my main motocross weapon. As far as sign-up goes - Just go straight to the riding area. There will be someone there to take your gate fee up by the track entrance. Race sign-up will probably be setup in the field section between the tracks as he has done in the past. See ya there.
  7. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    Yep, that's me.
  8. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    You have a good memory. Yep, I'm the one that raced a couple of HS's out at FVOR with you and our sons raced in the 80 class. You going to make this race or what? I don't recall riding on a track with you, which is odd as it's my main focus as well but I think this race is right up your alley.
  9. mx837

    OMA race at BR this weekend.

    Hey Ron, I doubt you'd recognize me by my user ID here but I've raced and ridden with you a couple of times a few years ago via a mutual friend. Whose now living in Ohio working for the AMA doing test rides all over the country. Anyways, I'll be out with Bob doing the Saturday race at BR. I'll be racing in the +40B class so look me up if you show up. The names Joe and I'll be riding my KX250 number 837 this weekend. Driving a black F250.