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    Back to not having to look defined to be strong...if you watch the world's strongest man competitions those dudes do not look "built" but they're pulling trucks and lifting refrigerators - I'd like to see some body-builder types do that...definition does not necessarily equal muscle.
  2. jlatham

    Pop Up Toy Hauler

    If cost is a concern, this might not be the best option. But if you're looking for the lightest possible toy-hauler check out this one. http://www.aliner.com/page41.html
  3. jlatham

    DV 12 with T Evans

    Yeah - but I'm not sitting in a teams semi getting paid to win.
  4. jlatham

    Best boots for under 150$?

    Stay away from the Fox Tracker...3 rides and 2 broken buckles.
  5. Thanks for the help - I think I'm going to go ahead and put the paddle on it - and just ride it in some warm-up cool down stages...wish me luck!
  6. I just got a YZ450F - and they don't recommend breaking in the bike with a paddle tire due to engine strain. At the same time - I've heard people talk about the best way to break in an engine is to ride it hard (just no bogging). Any thoughts / suggestions?