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  1. martunes

    CRF150F or CRF230F for my son.

    Thanks to all who have responded. The concensus certainly seems to be the CRF 230F. I'll take my son down to the local dealer to sit on one this weekend. That ought to get his juices flowing enough to start harassing Mom into letting me buy it for him. Heh. This dealer wants $4k out the door, so I don't think I'll be buying from him.
  2. My son is 14 years old, 5'-10 and 160 lbs. He's been riding a Yamaha Grizzly 125 ATV for a couple of years and is ready to move up. He has tried riding my Kawasaki KLX 300 a couple of times, but it's too heavy and tall for him and he hasn't gotten the hang of clutch shifting down yet. No electric starter was a downer as well. He was definitely intimidated by it. We ride exclusively in the desert on trails. I'm debating between the 150f and the 230f. The 230f is almost as heavy as my KLX, but shorter. The 150f is lighter weight, but I'm afraid that he will outgrow it in a year or two. I want to keep him safe, so the lower power of the 150f appeals to me as well. Any and all advice would be appreciated.
  3. martunes

    Keep Lake Isabella Trails Open

  4. martunes

    Lpnf 7/23

    Dayum, that's a keeper!
  5. martunes

    Vasectomy recovery time...

    Had 'em done at the same time, and the vasectomy part was NOTHING compared to the hernia. I'll bet you're just talking a few days.
  6. martunes

    About to do horrible, no good thing!!

    Forgot to mention that Moorpark and Simi Valley are equally nice areas in the same vicinity. Moorpark, I believe, has some reasonably affordable areas left too.
  7. martunes

    About to do horrible, no good thing!!

    Canejo Valley. Anywhere from Agoura to Camarillo along the 101 is a pretty good area, IMHO. Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Camarillo. It's all pretty much suburbia, but there are a lot of open hills and the climate's good. Frazier Park is pretty remote, and you're going to get some snow in winter. Don't know if you're into that or not.
  8. martunes

    About to do horrible, no good thing!!

    I feel your pain! 10 yrs. ago my wife pulled the same one on me. "I really need to be near my family" I was loving life up in the Bay Area, planning to buy some property and move to the foothills above Sactown someday, and before I know it I'm down here in the hated Southland. After two moves down here I've found an area that is actually pretty nice if you have to be in LA. We're between the SFV and Ventura and it's got a bit of the Bay Area about it. It's not bad. Still a Giants and Niners fan, but I did adopt the Clippers and abandon my Warriors. The Dodgers and Lakers still suck. Good luck with your move. I hope things work out for you.
  9. martunes

    Mammoth camping info help.

    I've done mountain bike riding in that area before. From the viewpoint up at the top of Minaret Summit before heading down to Devil's Postpile, to the Earthquake Fault. Is that area open to dirt-bike riding as well?
  10. x2 on Rocky Mountain. I've had very good experiences with them so far. Excellent turn-around time on orders and very accurate. However, the do seem to be out-of-stock on a lot of things... Bill, you've steered me right every time. Is there a pun in there somewhere?
  11. martunes

    Suzuki Quadsport Z250

    Thanks all. It was dirt in the main-jet that caused the problem.
  12. I'm 6'-3" and ride a KLX300. I put the Renthal RC High Bend Fat Bars with risers on and it made a big difference in my comfort level while standing. The more I practice at it the more I'm getting used to not feeling like I'm going to do an endo upon decel. Don't know about other bikes, but with the Kawi and the bar set-up I went with, I had to buy longer cables to get up to the throttle and clutch.
  13. martunes

    Low Lifes at Jawbone

    That's a common courtesy in my book.
  14. martunes

    El Mirage: where to camp and ride?

    If you go straight up the main road you eventually come to some campgrounds that have hills to the west of them that might give you some wind protection. Haven't camped there, just ridden through.
  15. martunes

    why quads

    Back at you! Thank you for sharing. Seeing the pic. of you and your son skiing gives me inspiration to not give up on the sport. Persisting through adversity is a real talent. Good for you.