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    TE as a race bike

    the te work awsome all night, didnt break any turn signal plus at the start of the race it went by class and we were the first row to take off, it was pretty cool being the only bike with a taillight on the start. half way through the race we broke off the rear brake pedal, so if anyone has any one laying around and wants to sell it let me know:ride: as far the rear shock goes all we have really done is droped the front forks to the 3rd line, that seems to work the best in the rocks for us. matt

    Thumbs Up for Husky

    right on bob! i remeber that dry lake bed at the vikings, about 20yrds from the end i look down and was going 98 mph! #N4 also grumpy got a good one of me from the 4 aces national hare n hound, i ran my national number at that race. order 5 of those pics to send out! #N4 matt N4 national #3 district 37

    District 38 National

    went out to the national in el centro. i ended up have one of my best starts all year on my husky, i think i was top 10 at the end of the bomb!!! halfway through the secone loop i melted the plastic t that connects the radiator hoses together. took my bike apart and jb welded the platic up. road in on the power line road. DNF looking foward to riding the husky in utah in two weeks! matt