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  1. Skillz954

    Lenght of 150 kick stand

    when I added the BBR suspension front and back, my stock kickstand was too short. I looked around for an aftermarket one, but they were $125-150. I took the stock kickstand to a local shop and had them weld an extra 3" into the center, cost me $25. That was several years ago, still working great!
  2. Skillz954

    2007 CRF100 Questions

    I removed the outter screen from the air fiter housing, do I want to remove all of the screen?
  3. Skillz954

    2007 CRF100 Questions

    So I pulled the spark arrestor and baffle and put the new end cap on.....seemed to start easier and sounded a LOT better. Got the twin air filter last night and will install that today, I'm expecting it to start even easier, I'll let you know. I also need to adjust the front brakes, they are barely working right now, may need new pads.....
  4. Skillz954

    Uni Air Filter?

    dude look around a little more.....you can plug in your bike to that site......here's the link you want http://www.chaparral-racing.com/Product/uni-multi-stage-competition-air-filters/314-1001.aspx?gateway=Dirtbike&year=2004&make=HONDA&model=CRF 100F here is ever aftermarket part they carry for your bike: http://www.chaparral-racing.com/YMM/2004-HONDA-CRF-100F?gateway=Dirtbike
  5. Skillz954

    Uni Air Filter?

    crf's only FTW http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/29_151/products_id/3550
  6. Skillz954

    2007 CRF100 Questions

    Cool thanks fo the feed back for now I'm leaving the carbs the way it is and I had my gf buy these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/3D-POWER-TIP-CNC-EXHAUST-HONDA-XR80-CRF80-XR100-CRF100-/180947133599?hash=item2a214a249f&item=180947133599&pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr http://www.crfsonly.com/catalog/product_info.php/cPath/29_151/products_id/3325 So once she's more comfortable what should I do next??
  7. Skillz954

    2007 CRF100 Questions

    I did the power up jetting on my CRF230 and it has the baffle and spark arrestor removed. I'm not too concerned about the laws as I've never seen anyone where I ride. I don't just wanna take it out completely, I want to retain the stock muffler tip. That being said I'm going to remove the spark arrestor......but what has been done with the baffle?
  8. Skillz954

    2007 CRF100 Questions

    Hey Gents, My name is Adam and I've been a member for a while. I ride a 2005 CRF230F and have done just about everything to upgrade it aside from bigger carb and a big bore kit. My gf wants to get into riding so we picked her up a mostly stock 2007 CRF100. The PO told me he had replaced the stock pilot with a 38 pilot and left the main alone. What is the stock main on these? Is this a decent setup for now? I removed the airbox snorkle last night. I also adjusted the idle on it, as it was starving for gas at idle, and would stall out a lot. That's all working well now. But my real question is about the spark arrestor and baffle in the stock pipe. I removed the cap/baffle/screen piece last night and realized it was all one piece. I was hesitant to just rip the screen off but thought that's what I should do. I just wanted to check with you guys first. What is the usual way this is done? Do most just remove the screen? Should I cut off part of the baffle? Should I drill holes in the baffle? What do I want to do to get this thing opened up? Also one of the first things I want to do is replace the stock filter. What is the best aftermarket filter for these? I have the twin air on mine. Thanks in advance!! Adam
  9. Skillz954

    Best first mod (crf230f)

    Honestly the best upgrade I did to my crf230 was getting rid of the stock pirelli tires and putting on some maxxis IT's.......power doesn't matter if you can't hook up.......the second would be doing the 428 conversion.....frees so much wiehgt up from your final drive....very noticable!!
  10. Skillz954

    Rider's balance point

    +1 I ride mostly difficult terrain and am standing pretty much the entire time......I used to tire myself out quickly by trying to do all the work with my arms.....I quickly learned that if I stay balanced on the pegs and use my knees to hold the bike my legs do most of the work and my arms don't get tired.
  11. Skillz954

    Battery Life for CRF230

    +1 I have a 2005 and I'm on my third battery.....but also smartened up and got a battery tender for when it'll be sitting for a while......Mass winters killed the first 2.......
  12. Skillz954

    Merry christmas....

    I take it you got the exhaust.....post some pics!!
  13. Skillz954

    Merry christmas....

    Yo man, send me your address so I can send out the exhaust asap......
  14. Skillz954

    Merry christmas....

    wow....what kind of a man takes his emotions out on a bike like that?!?!? Good Luck man!!
  15. Skillz954

    Where to get a stock exhaust?

    I have a brand new '05 CRF230F full exhaust.....took it off and had the BBR put on before I even picked it up.....PM me an offer.....