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  1. pete156

    Winter Riding Essentials

    Do you light them first to keep warm?
  2. pete156

    desert 100 start debacle

    As a professional firefighter, I think this idea is insane. Having a crew maintain fire safety in an area that is several thousand acres not knowing where the flaming object(s) is going to come down? With 40mph winds? Think about it. Professional pyrotechnicians have burned down many buildings, not on purpose.
  3. Good Luck! It will be tough depending on where you are in WA. Snowmule's bike has no mirrors, therefore as shown would be illegal in WA.
  4. I am not loyal to any specific manufacturer. You are obviously anti-KTM. I buy bikes that suit my needs and do it well. My dual sport has 100HP and 12 inches of travel at both ends. I've put more than a thousand miles in a day on my big DS KTM, in the desert and on the road. What monkey butt? Have raced it in desert races, scrambles and enduros(single track). Sure it's a 950, sure it's expensive, sure maintenance is more time consuming, sure it's got 30,000 trouble-free miles on it. The Japanese do not make any bike that can compare with it, and I doubt they ever will. What am I supposed to buy to replace it, a Vee-Strom?
  5. pete156

    CrossFit workouts

    So how many of you using CrossFit are over 50?
  6. pete156

    Bell Moto-8 Helmets

    If you think the Bell is lightweight, you should try the Airoh. Makes the Bell feel like a cinderblock.
  7. pete156

    suspension work in wa.state?

    +1 John really knows his stuff. Highest flowing valves made, period.
  8. My bike came from the dealer with too much oil in it! I think this is a common mistake. Dealers and the manual say 700cc..................................TOO MUCH! Only needs 600cc.
  9. pete156

    530 wont start

    Did you try kicking it?
  10. 16 oz of gasoline will weigh about a pound and a half. You may need a twin cylinder bike to haul all this cargo:D .
  11. pete156

    warning to washington street riders

    Your tabs are expired. Cops look at tabs.
  12. pete156

    D100 Injuries

    Don, I feel really bad for not at least remembering the injured guys name or bib number with the neck injury. I also cannot believe he did not make it to the hospital. He was in good spirits as we loaded him onto the bird, even asking the crew what type of chopper it was (as he is a chopper pilot himself). I also heard a rumor that he was transferred to Harborview in Seattle, but cannot confirm this.
  13. pete156

    D100 Injuries

    Jesse is one of the toughest riders to ever run this race. Last year I took care of him as he broke his collar bone on Saturday, went to the hospital, then ran the 100 on Sunday. He is also one of the nicest fellows I have met. It was quite ironic as he came to me first with his shoulder injury this year and asked me if I thought his shoulder was broke and if he should continue. Jesse defines courage and determination.
  14. pete156

    Desert 100----Race Predictions

    I predict we will see some riders and their bikes a lot less prepared than others, and a few riders with hangovers. I also expect to see individuals riding over their heads and doing things they probably shouldn't, which often leads to disaster. As the only paramedic riding sweep, I can only hope I do not come across an innocent rider who is seriously hurt by someone else not paying attention or riding wrecklessly. Keeping everyone safe on courses of this size is a tremendous undertaking, and requires a team who can reach areas around the courses quickly and communicate with eachother and the professional medical teams on site. Riders frequently alert the sweepers and checkpoint workers of wrecks and potential injuries which is very helpful. I also expect there will be some hooligans who insist on speeding thru the camping and parking area, threatening the safety of families and campsites for the purpose of showing off their riding prowess. I look forward to this event, as most of you do, regardless of the work involved. I am confident that the Stumpjumpers M/C will pull off another outstanding event in Odessa, and make everyone feel welcome.
  15. pete156

    Feedback on Dirty Poker Run

    Dave, what type of meds has Dr Finn got you on now. See you in Odessa?