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  1. YamiBoy

    Gnarly Pipe & E-line Gaurd

    I just picked up a FMF Gnarly Pipe for a 02 CR250 and also the e-line carbon fiber gaurd, I am wondering if anyone else had a problem fitting the gaurd onto this pipe. I went to partsunlimited.com to make sure the part numbers were what they were saposed to be, and that checked out. I also noticed that they make a one size fits all for the 2002 year for all FMF pipes. Let me know, thanks!
  2. YamiBoy

    Please Help!! Carbueor Question

    make sure you tell them (or bring the carb. with you) it may be different
  3. YamiBoy

    2001 CR250?? Good or Bad?

    a year and a half later
  4. YamiBoy

    how many foot pounds tighten clutch spring ?

    i tryed 14 once, and the head broke off the bolt and was stuck in the basket. I only tighten mine to about 6-7 NM nowadays
  5. YamiBoy

    Is this a problem with the clutch?

    verrry normal. cold oil does this
  6. YamiBoy

    cr80 fww

    ...and I just spent $1,400 on HER BIKE. If i feel like boring out anything it wont be the Cr85...
  7. YamiBoy

    Solid Disc Brake Rotor

    I am in the market for a new rotor and I stumbled across the steahly solid rear disc brake rotor. By the design I would think it creates more braking power because of more surface area...? Has anyone used one of these solid designs before? Let me know what you think... http://www.steahlyoffroad.com/weightsdet.php?s_partnum=G-90
  8. YamiBoy

    BR8-EG or ES

    I got the manual, thanks though! I am not fouling plugs, infact I dont have a problem at all with the jetting, I was just wondering if the physical characteristics of the electrod make the plug more/less prone to fouling...
  9. YamiBoy

    BR8-EG or ES

    Are the EG plugs better for woods riding? Someone told me that because of the bigger surface area of the electrode they are less prone to fouling? Is this true? are there any pros and cons between the two? I think the eg's are much more inexpensve. Thanks! If it matters I've got a 02 CR250
  10. YamiBoy

    cr80 fww

    i just bought my girlfriend a 04 cr85 big wheel and was thinking about getting her a fww and changing the gears. i think steahly only makes a 10oz, should be plenty. Should I go down or up on the sprocket size? How does that work?
  11. YamiBoy

    Flywheel weights

    I bought a 11oz SFB from motosport.com. I had to grind it down to fit my 02 CR250. I would sugest trying a different brand, I hear steahly is really good.
  12. YamiBoy

    CR250 cases....help..

    the left side of my friends case is cracked too. send me your left and ill send the right:crazy: :thumbsup:
  13. YamiBoy

    Did some polishing

    N4TRBL thats sick, what kind of front sprocket is that?
  14. YamiBoy

    STEEP uphills

    ****ing charge it