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  1. Thumperphan. First of all I wouldnt ride a Jetmoto or any other Chink bike to a Dog Show. This was purchased as a test case for a dealer who was considering buying them in quantity. We found out what we need to know and as far as posting the results here it wont happen. I wont waste my time.
  2. There seems to be more genuine interest on the Chinariders forum and in the next few days I plan on starting an Assembly & Ride review there. I'm sure there are others who read the TT forum would like to contribute what they know about the bikes but wont because of all the BS here.
  3. It's Pro & Con, not to bad really. I had a few reports ready but with all this crap going on it's not worth wasting my time on.
  4. Hell, if I'd done 4500 posts I'd probably be a Legend In My Own Mind too.
  5. Well 30-A I will have to agree with what you say, there are a few here that seem to spend all their time looking for something derogatory to say, they could not possibly be out riding so it makes one wonder where they get all their vast experience. They sound like young Bitches in a chat room.
  6. After reading these posts I think we can assume you don't have to live in the South to be an Illiterate Redneck, seems to be plenty of em out West!
  7. S Won With the intelligence level shown on this Forum there's really not much point in posting!
  8. Finally received the MCO from Jetmoto yesterday, had to call them to email an invoice, they did'nt include one with the MCO and DMV wont register without both, tax ya know. Quick trip to the DMV and had inspection and tag's in hand in about 30 minutes, left there minus $86.00 but that's not so bad for a year. Put 30 miles on it today and then changed the oil, no metal except for 2 tiny slivers that were casting residue from the mold. Running great, start's with 1-2 kick's, no choke at all. It's already loosening up and idling smoother but before I ride it any further it's got to have some rewiring done, short wires, long wires and the cheapest connectors on the planet. If these Manufacturers would just put a little more time in the final fit and assembly they could have a decent product. At least the have learned one thing, well, at least this Manufacturer has, they are now Locktighting all the bolts except for the plastics.
  9. If anyone here would bother to do a little research they would know that the Model designation 163FML or 169 FML or J is the Model standard for all Chicom bikes. Zongshen uses the Model 163FML for 200cc OHV in the US. Lifan uses the Model 163FML OHC in the 200cc Sportbike in the US. Lifan uses the Model 163FML-2 OHV in the Enduro Model in the US. Various other's use the same Model designation and it may be either OHV or OHC, depending on the manufacturer. You cannot tell who make's it by referring to the Model number's, the only way of knowing for sure is by the the type of Stamping, Engine # sequence and differences in the castings. These Engines all look pretty much the same to the untrained eye. Hope that clear's that up.
  10. You are not telling anyone anything, Idiot, I've seen your post's and you are posting about Engines you obviously know nothing about. If you had half a brain and had worked on as many of these Engines as I have you would know that the Stampings alone will tell you it's a Zongshen, not a Lifan, which is a 163FML-2. If you're gonna try to act smart at least ask someone who actually know's before you start giving out erroeneous advice.
  11. This is what a Zongshen Engine look's like from the bottom, drain plug on the botton and large filter plug on left. The Skidplate on these bikes are actually made to fit the Engine and Frame, the oil plug can be removed and tightened with either a socket or end wrench and the oil drain's thru the hole without drowning the Skidplate. One litre of oil fill's it to the top of the Sight Glass and on the Dipstick exactly.
  12. Replaced the El Cheapo Torch Factory Plug today with an NGK D8EA, this is another must do, the results were immediate, it now start's cold with 2 kick's. It's idle is very smooth and throttle response is stong with no flat spot's, the Muffler, Airbox and Jetting combination are right on judging from the plug that was removed. Ran it about 10K today then changed it, judge for yourself.
  13. Another view from the other side, mostly all done except for changing the rear Sprocket to a 46 Tooth and installing the rear Rack, both which were damaged in shipping. Be advised anyone getting one, you will have to change the rear 56 Tooth Sprocket to a 46 or less otherwise you will have gone thru all 5 gears in a half Block and be wondering where the rest of the gears are. With the 15 Tooth front and the 56 Tooth rear it is geared like a tractor.
  14. Well here it is, mostly together except for the rear Rack & the 46 Tooth Sprocket, both were destroyed in shipping. Cant really ride it much since the MCO has'nt shown up yet, maybe Monday hopefully.
  15. Probably wont finish until latter today but here is a couple of improvement's over the bike's built last year. The Battery Box is all steel and welded to the frame as is the Tool Box, the BB is heavy gauge metal and is welded pretty good. There are a number of improvement's over the one's built previously. The weld's, although not all that pretty are solid and I have'nt found any cold one's. The Wheel's are laced very well and the overall quality of the Spoke's and Hub's seem to be very good with minimal runout.