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  1. know this is for dirt bikes only but I didn't know were to put this. I race b and a class motocross so I'm no spode. I just bought a yamaha Banshee quad, what tranny oil should I be running I bought this to ride in the snow so its going to be 20-35 degrees when I'm using it. what motor oil should I use also? Thanks alot
  2. crrider491

    2007 Kx250, sending the motor to a engine builder

    The first piston I replaced it with was the vertex with that coating on it , it was the expensive one they sell. The second one was just a stock kawi piston because that what the dealer had in stock at the time and I couldn't wait. I use 93 pump gas mixed 40:1 with Maxima Castor 927. I use the bike for 100% motocross practice and racing. I've been riding for 12 years so Im a decent rider (top B moving to A class) Im 100% sure dirt was not the problem I clean the air boot and air filter more then anything. It was about 70 degrees out that day, It had fresh Engine Ice Coolant. I had a hour meter on the bike. It seems that I cant get over 15 hours on the motor with out it blowing. Could it have been me not running race gas because of me being hard on the bike? I would be on a new 08-11 yz250 but Im a kawi guy I've been riding Kawasaki's for the past 8 years so I want to stick to the KX. I just want the bike to last me 45-65 hours on the same top end. Would having the motor built by A top motor builder make the bike more reliable like Pro circuit or PR2? Im willing to spend a couple grand on the motor if its going to make a little more power and be reliable. Any input will help, Thanks
  3. I have a 07 KX250 that I race A and B class motocross, The motor is all stock with v-force 3 reeds. It has blown up 3 times with in 40 hours on the bike. When I say blown up I'm saying the piston blew to peace's and seized the crank all 3 times the first time it happend I did all the work my self I replaced the crank and the hole bottom end and did the top end too. It lasted about 15 hours untill it happend again, I just thought that was somthing I did wrong putting it back together. I then brought it to Chaplin Kawasaki in CT and they redid the whole motor bottom to top. cost me $1300 lasted 10 hours on the spot (I have a hour meter) and blew again seized the bottom end (the kick start wont move and the engine locked up) Im going to have to redo the motor again anyway so I was thinking about sending the complete motor to Pro circuit and have them build it to the same motor James stewart had back in 05 and 06 on his kx250. Has anyone had a motor built by pro circuit and how do you like it? What other engine builders our out there that are good? Is this a good idea?
  4. crrider491

    2005-2011 yz250 change's

    I live in Connecticut wheres the best dealer to buy one from? What price's are they going for? whats a good price on a 2011 or whats a good price for a left over 2010? Thanks for any help.
  5. crrider491

    2005-2011 yz250 change's

    Im looking to get rid of my 07 kx250 2 stroke and get a yz250. I race B class motocross, What change's have they made from 05-06-07-08-09-10-11 is it worth getting a 2011 over a older one? Thanks for any input at all!!
  6. crrider491

    V Force 3 reeds vs Boyesen Reeds

    V-force 3 for sure!
  7. crrider491

    V Force 3 reeds vs Boyesen Reeds

    Do you work for Boyesen or something? If not there's something wrong with you to think that VF3 reeds are "garbage". they have been the beset reeds ive ever ridden with and ive have heard nothing but good things from them. this is the first time ever hearing that they are "garbage" and "junk plastic cage,and its worthless clip together reeds suck" something tells me youve never ridden a dirtbike before?? Dont lie to us:busted:
  8. crrider491

    back to 2 stroke for me

    beat me too it was going to say the same thing:thumbsup:
  9. crrider491

    2007 kx250 front forks swop -kx250f or kx450

    I meant the kx250 2 stroke? Im just trying to get my bike dialed in. dose RG3 make a different offset clamps for the 05-07's? Im trying to figure out what stock is so i have a idea on what im looking for. I ride alot of tracks that are both fast and tight but not supercross.
  10. crrider491

    2007 kx250 front forks swop -kx250f or kx450

    dose anyone know the stock offset is for the tripple clamps? Dose anyone know what offset they ran on the pros kx250's or whats a better offset then stock?
  11. crrider491

    2007 kx250 front forks swop -kx250f or kx450

    having them DLC coated is $700-$800 when i can find newer kxf forks with the coating for around $350-$600 so it would be cheaper to buy the hole forks.
  12. crrider491

    2007 kx250 front forks swop -kx250f or kx450

    either forks I get would be fully revalved. so you guys think that the forks are good enough and to just have them revalved? I would just think that the new kxf forks with the dlc coating on them would be better?
  13. crrider491

    2007 kx250 front forks swop -kx250f or kx450

    you dont think the newer forks would be smoother and better feeling then the 07's?
  14. I have a 2007 kx250 with only 20 hours on the bike. I race B class motocross, but the front forks are stiff on breaking bumps and small stuff buts bottoms out on big jumps:banghead: I weigh 155 pounds. what front forks are the best to swop out? Do both fit? What would be better for 2008-up forks on the 250f or 450f? Thanks for any input:worthy:
  15. crrider491

    team chevy graphic for 03-07 kx250

    Ive looked on ebay with no luck. those aren't the ones i was talking about the ones i like was the big gold chevy bowtie taking up the hole shroud that bubba stewart ran on his 125