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  1. OK...thanks tree dodger...I'm clear from '99 on. What are the differences with motor and suspension between pre '98 and the 'newer' ones? I've got a line on a '96 and a '98 that look to be in great shape with very little use (from photos and comments anyhow)...the '96 has inverted forks while the '98 has traditional...any idea what make each is and which performs better? Thanks for the input guys, really appreciate it ;-)
  2. I'm living and working in Brazil and NEED a bike to ride while I'm here...I'm new to Husky but have been reading up and the WR sounds like just the bike I need while I'm here...and they are relatively reasonably priced for an imported bike in Brazil (~2-3x price the price in US...DOH!). I'm likely looking at '96-'02...I've heard all model years are great but would like to know exactly what differences are so I can decide if a newer one is worth any extra to me or if I can simply go with the bike in the best condition between those years. Some info I've gathered from the form (please correct if I'm wrong)... '96-'98 same bikes '98 - Last year of 'old' motor but...also last year of 6sp? '99 - 'new' motor but older frame, tank, cosmetics...first year of wr5sp? '00 - new frame, tank etc. -> Looks like the tank provides good rad protection...this looks like a key differentiator and from this year forward the cosmetics are better IMO '01-'02 - same bikes...something changed from '00 but can't remember what...tranny?? Thanks guys!