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  1. 30-A rider

    Help me ID some of my Pigs parts please.

    Forget it.. Cant get my pic on here for some reason. Thanks anyway
  2. My pig is a 2000 and it has been dual sported. I recently purchased. Although the dual sport kit doesnt work mainly due to the most movice rigged wiring I have ever seen. Id like to keep what I have far as the control and then make the lights what I want them to be. Id like to get a diagram and info on what I have so far. Question #1 is can anyone ID what brand handlebar control this is? I took the carb off for a rebuild and I noticed some rocket scienctist before me broke a part off the carb. I looked in the Factory manual and cant find a name for it or part etc. Im hoping this is something I can purchase but I dont even know what I would call this. Its part of the choke blade that before it was broke pivoted. Again its broke off so all you can see is the pivot bar and the screws that hold it on but you can clearly see the gaping hole. What is this part called and can I buy it anywhere?
  3. 30-A rider

    A new ORANGE toy

    I didnt get married till my mid 30's and learned from watching others. Told my then girlfriend when marriage came up "you need to sit down and listen to who I am and what Im about. This isnt me being nasty. Its a favor to youto realize there are just some things I can not and will not compromise on in life. #1 Dot make me choose between youand my family ( Parents etc). You will loose for putting me in the position to choose, as I should never have to. #2 I need an hour a day to go to the gym. Its not just physical but mental. I will do the same for you. #3 Dont ask me to seelly cars, bikes, boats etc. Idont spend money onmyself ever for clothes, jewlery, new cars etc. I like toys so learn to like them with me or dont say anything at all but dont ask me to sell them ever" I have a 66 Chevelle SS, a 70 Chevelle Convertible, 2 waverunners, a boat, a custom chopper I built, a street legal golf cart, plated XR650R, a Mr. 50 elsinore project, and formy wife a pitster pro 125X2 that I ride more than she does. To date (Married now for 6 years; together total of 12) Ihave not heard any lip. Just a suggestion.....do what I did!
  4. 30-A rider

    xr650r need more power

    All these suggestions are great. But no point in doing all of them at once....how would you know what worked and what was effective. You were told numerous times and before you tear any one single thing down change the sprockets! I got my bike with gearing similar to yours and I was sooooo disappointed when I rode it how slow it was and how weak the bottom end was (which is what the 650R is known for) Stock gearing puts the bike right where it needs to be in stock form. Id get a stock rear and front sprocket and then one tooth smaller front and you will be good to go. This is gonna inscrease your ikes performance more than anything else for the $ in my opinion.
  5. 30-A rider

    Borynacks XR650r Shock document

    Same here. I have seen only bits and pieces of his rear shock documents. Id like to rebuild my rear shock but cant find the complete write up including pics. Anyone?
  6. 30-A rider

    Thinking about an XR-R again........crazy??

    Im shopping for an XRR plated right now. Ive been researching this for a long time. Yeah the BRP is a bit hefty and its not a MX bike but in all other areas in shines and the drive train is bullet proof as it gets.
  7. 30-A rider

    best mx bike not for mx?

    Yeah his description is that of a 2 stroke. So my .02 is a KTM 300 , 360, 380 with flywheel weights will flatten your eye balls and still be smoother at lower rpms that a 4 stroke motocross bike
  8. Not that the point of this is Jersey cops; but I lived in Jersey for 30 years. My borther is a cop and my long time childhood freind is a cop. Witht at being said Jersey cops, whether they be state, Port authority or town cops are the biggest ball busters of any cops Ive dealt with. Ive traveled all over the country and whether is is in a car, truck, or on a bike if you want to be harassed Jersey is the place to be. Dont iss living in that state one BIT with the exeption of the MX racing at Etown.
  9. 30-A rider

    2009 Honda Dualsports are out

    I dont blame you one bit. I was seriously hoping they put a conversion kit on the R and called it the new L, or something to that effect. Ive been waiting for 6 months to see what Honda was gonna do. Im in the same boat now...so it will be either a Katoom, a Husky or maybe even a D/S converted XR650R titled and with all the go fast goodies already on there. The way things are going Id bet with Honda's cars, planes and that highly sucessful robot...I dont know if we will see any bikes in the future.
  10. 30-A rider

    Why did Honda switchback to aircooling!!?

    Thank you for bringing common sense Air combustion facts into play. It kills me that there is actually a rivalry between R and L owners...with the L owners always trying trying to play keep up and justify the L. Its ridiculous. The L is "THE BEST" dual sport bike ever made with regards to off road capabilities, and yet L owners try to put down the R owners. Lets face facts here guys. The R is a more capable bike in the dirt #1. #2 The R is a more powerful bike and has the ability to be more powerful. #3 The R is a tribute to Honda with its king of BaJa crown. The L can not hold a candle to the R power wise. On the other hand the L is street legal out of the box #1. #2 The L having a motor that is not as performance oriented, will most likely have less maintenance/repairs and last longer than the R. Both are king for what they do and are 2 different bikes. No point is bad mouthing either bike.
  11. 30-A rider

    The $1500 dual sport

    Older XL's get grabbed pretty quick and comand a decent price...same thing with Yamaha's XT's. On the other hand you can probably pick up a used KLR for a decent price. Id go with anything from a 250 on up but Id highly suggest the larger bore bikes...they have the ability to handle more miles with less potential motor problems..habe more aftermarket available, can handle a passenger better and can handle loaded with gear for camping etc better. Ive seen KLR 600's from the late 80's up to the late 90's going for as cheap as $1000 rough and well cared for machings going up to $1800. This should be an easy purchase for you to get what you want.
  12. 30-A rider

    Thinking of riding again

    What type of riding are you planning on. Are you planning on D/S day rides by yourself, organized D/S rides over several days, or are you planning on getting back to racing enduro? Classes have changed and there are many more. If you raced enduro before you know how enduro riders are....they are like rugby players, never quit. My first Endure was in Maryland about 20 years ago. I now live in Florida and still I see some guys that back then I thought were the old timers and they are still plugging away having fun, dirt in thier smile. My guess is your gonna answer the majority of your questions by going to a racer that is closest to you. I bet you even see some familiar faces!
  13. 30-A rider

    Oh my God!! This stuff really works?

    I understand what you say totally. But this particular situation the guy has an 08 bike with Dave's mod and uncorked the bike and never claimed to have any pre ignition. He claims his bike runs good to begin with and much better performance than stock. So safe to assume he has the bike well tuned or close to well tuned. Now octane boost and its night and day?..I just dont believe it. Again we agree. But the thread started with statments that using octane booster made a huge difference.... meaning he felt a difference seat of the pants meter. In the situation you state with a bike that is way off on jetting, or goes form sea level to a huge elevtaion increase...but in most applications octane booster isnt gonna do a whole lot of anything on a bike that has any sort of tuning. Again we agree but in this situation:ride: , like most I dont see octane boost doing much of anything. JMO.
  14. 30-A rider

    What was the most powerful XR ever built?

    Im shocked. Ive ridden a few of these exact bikes and thought the power was way flat and slow. Maybe its one of the decptive power bands that has a flat torque curve and you just dont feel any hit.
  15. 30-A rider

    Oh my God!! This stuff really works?

    Yes but what you are doing with huge elevation differences is a whole lot different than picking up a bottle of octane boost at your local auto store and getting any power difference with a bike that remains at the same elevation. You will get none! As you stated you are changing the O2 level in your fuel rather than chaning jetting in carb. The only time octane booster will enhance performance is when you add it to fuel for a motor that is running too low of an octane for its compression ratio. If you doubt this I suggest you go to any 1/8 or 1/4 mile strip. Watch the old timers and the guys running V8's (please dont watch the ricer/tuners kids) and see how many dump bottles of octane boost in their car? NONE. They all have calculated the compression ratio's of their motors and use a fuel that will perform most efficiently by choozing the correct octane. Just like what the maufacturers do when you purchase any new equipment whether it be car, bike, boat etc.