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  1. I got the new piston in and checked the valves. It will still only start when i hold the throttle open at least 1/4 open. Then i have to hold it at least that open or else it will stall. Any ideas?
  2. My 2009 KX450f has about 100 hrs on it. It will only start if I hold the throttle open at least 1/4 throttle. Then i have to keep holding the throttle open or else it will die. I put a new piston in it after it started doing this. I also check the valve clearance and for one that may be sticking but everything was fine. I was afraid something like this would happen with my new fuel injected bike! This makes me miss my 06's carburator!
  3. Honda

    Nobody knows??
  4. UhOh!!!!! I can't get my bike to start. It seemed to kick over to easily, so I took it apart to check the piston & it looks fine. I'm going to put a new one in anyway. Hopefully that helps.
  5. Honda

    I was able to clean out the pilot & Slow jet & get the quad running!
  6. I've heard that Honda's TRX450r sport quad rear calipers will bolt onto a 400ex. Does anyone know if that is true? I went to change my 400ex's pads, and the bolts that go through the pads snapped off, and I can't get them out. So I've been thinking about just buying a new caliper.
  7. you do loose engine braking. Which at 1st I didn't like for entering corners, but you do learn to adapt. & you def. cannot bump start anymore.
  8. Honda

    OK thanks for the ideas
  9. it looks like my old set up was the original Core EXP set up. I called them and got new steels, frictions, a new pressure plate & a new cover for only $200! This one came w/ 8 frictions, but the directions said to leave one out. IDK why they would give you 8 in that case. But I put it all in, adjusted it, and it works really well!
  10. Honda

    I haven't checked compression yet. But the valve clearance is fine. I also put a new coil/spark plug wire on it. It now starts, but only if i work the throttle. It also dies as soon as I let go of the throttle. It will not idle what so ever. When i try to start it w/o working the throttle, it does sputter occasionally though. I reset the pilot screw which was off a bit, but it didn't help.
  11. yeah I've been hearing the same about honda valves
  12. I agree, as long as the lobes aren't pressing on the buckets i'm usually happy.
  13. Honda

    Thanks, i'm thinking about checking compression and valve clearance soon.
  14. What are the valve clearance specs for the 09 KX450f? Also, to check them, all i have to do is line up the two timing marks to make sure the piston is at TDC right? it's been awhile since i've check any valves.
  15. Honda

    My 400ex will only start will i pull start it behind a truck. Even then to get it to start i have to work the throttle a lot to get it to fire up. Then it will not idle. It will only run on maybe 1/4 throttle openings or more. Even then it sputters and backfires a lot. If I let it stall it is nearly impossible to get it to start back up without pulling it. I took the carb apart, rinsed it out w/ carb cleaner, and blew out the jets w/ compressed air. It does get spark. I did adjust the valves maybe 4 engine hrs before, but it ran/started perfectly until it suddenly became hard to start. Please Help!