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    girlfriend ?????

    I'm surprised nobody has suggested signing your girlfriend up for an off road motorcycle class first before buying a bike! When I announced to my husband that I wanted to ride, he enrolled me in a one day class that HONDA offers. I'm glad I took the class for a few reasons: 1) it boosted my confidence 2) made me realize the CRF150 was going to be way too small for me (I'm 5' 6 1/2", 140lbs.) and 3) I wanted an electric start. My first bike was a used CRF 230, which I rode for a little less than a year. I definitely had a great time on that bike. It is a little heavy and the suspension, well there is no suspension, but it was a good bike to start on. When it was time to sell it, we had no problem. I think it took less than 2 weeks. I recently bought a brand new 2006 CRF250X. My husband went all out for me: put an FMF pipe on it, had it rejetted, and the suspension done. At first the extra power freaked me out a little, but now I don't even notice it other than I go faster. This is probably the bike I will ride for a very long time. So I say, find out where the nearest off road motorcycle class is and sign your girlfriend up. I think it will help take the guess work out of what to buy.
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    Wife's bike...need help

    Hi, This is my first time posting...its very exciting finding a forum for WOMEN (who don't need to wear high heels!) I had to reread Jerry's posting 'cause it almost sounded like a questions from my own husband. I too started on the CRF230. Loved it, hated the suspension or lack there of. Those whoops were just killing me! So, after a year of riding and loving it, I just bought the 250X. The difference is amazing. I'm 5'6 and rode it once, before having the seat shaved and the suspension tricked out. Before the mod, it was the tallest bike of the bunch! Could not stop on level ground without falling over. Very funny. I just rode it for the first time last weekend after the modifications and, man, its like riding a completely different bike, my bike! Can't wait till the next time I can ride.