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    Noname single track trails
    1999 KLX330 pumper carb CA Plated
    2000 WR400 CA plated
    2003 Beta Rev3 Trials
    2002 Honda XR200
    2002 KTM200 w/Scotts dampener
    2000 KTM200 Auto-clutch
  1. ccrider1960

    Gas mileage 200 XCW?

    I have 2 KTM 200's recently acquired: one is a 2002 EXC standard clutch with a 2.9 gallon tank. Last ride I got 56 miles before switching over to reserve. It was all single track in the Calif Greenhorns. The other bike is a 2000 EXC with an 'auto-clutch' (pre dating the Rekluse), also with a 2.9 gal tank. I got 26 miles before hitting reserve. Actually I'm assuming they are both 2.9gal, because I drained em both, inspected them side by side and they seemed darn near identical, then I filled the 2002 tank and the gas gauge read 2.88 gallons, I then filled the 2000 tank and the Gas Station gauge read 6.11 gallons, which actually says that the 2000 has a 3.2 gal tank. Humm , I'll have to rerun the test more accurately. and to determine the amount of gas in the tanks when reserve is hit. Still, it seems like the auto-clutch is def burning alot more gas than a standard clutch.
  2. ccrider1960

    Any XR200 Performance Parts Available?

    I own 5 bikes, one of which is a 2002 XR200. They are great, dependable bikes stock, engineered for what they are. I once rode with 8 riders in the woods where you had to watch your bars clipping the trees, I was on a 1989 XR200 and nobody on all the newer big bore bikes could catch nor pass me. As some have mentioned it is costly to go performance. I would say just get a new PIPE and use stock piston and .... If you want more performance then I recommend you buy a diff bike with more cc or find an old KTM200. For the money you'll do better than "building" your xr200. Thats my take. :)
  3. ccrider1960

    NEW KLX300 Owner needs help

    Hey 4722, can you post your bike pics somewhere that we do not need an FLicker account? like to see your bike I bought a clapped out '99 KLX300 with a FCR pumper carb, 330cc kit, cold start air line, and a CA lic plate ALL for $1500. One of the best bikes I enjoy (I have 6 dirt bikes). Right now is the first "major work" it needs, water pump seal is leaking out the hole. Have had the bike for 6-8 years now. and as for a skid plate, I wouldn't bother, more weight, and when have you ever heard of someone slamming their case (not saying lightning does strike) Regards, Craig (ccrider...
  4. ccrider1960

    Help, Looking for a new rear tire for an 2001 XR 200

    I'm also looking for a good tire. I have found that Trials tires last EXTERMELY long, and I dont notice any diff in performance. BUT, there are none that I have found for a REAR 17". I like the looks of the IRC GP-1 , but not sure what size will fit ? anyone know? current tire is a 100/100 - 17 choices are: SIZE IRC No. ---------- ---------- 3.00-17 301630 3.50-17 302025 4.60-17 302598 5.10-17 302783
  5. ccrider1960

    crf150f uncork?

    The link is gone, anyone know where another one is - also looking for pics and step by step uncorking info. Thanks,
  6. ccrider1960

    XR200 Chassis and Suspension

    I've just picked up a clean 2002 XR200 and read all the posts here. Since I just rode this bike on a 7 hour 36mile trail and noticed the front suspension was just tooo weak ( expected weak, but a little more stiff would improve its ride significantly!), I am interested in increasing the FRONT SUSPENSION just a bit. Dont want to put a lot of dole and time into it, so looking for the biggest bang for the buck, not the best. No need to goto the Powroll stroker 218 motor! too cool. Anyways; 3 'simple' questions for CHUCK; >I just installed a 84 XR250R front end on my 90 XR200R, just bolts on. Same travel, larger forks, and disc brake. 84-85 XR200R front end is basically the same as the 86-91. 1) Does the '84/85 XR250R Forks alone bolt onto and into the XR200 triple clamps, or do you need the whole setup (triple clamps AND Forks and Wheel)? 2) Is this a simple inprovement in TRAVEL alone, or is there also a shock performance increase? (ie. is the '84/85 a technilogically better performance shock)? 3) Why use the '84-85 XR250R forks, why not use the '84-85 and '86-91 XR200R forks? Thanks, Craig PS> I summerized some of the key points said in this link that I am interested in; CHUCK- One common suggestion for owners of later 200 is to use 86-91 damper rods and 84-85 XR200/250 or 86-91 shock to increase travel. The 86-02 XR200 frame is based on the 84-85 XR200R/250R frame; all of the 84 parts will bolt onto the 98 XR200 chassis. I'm in the middle of modding an 01 XR200 chassis for my 218 motor. I just installed a 84 XR250R front end on my 90 XR200R, just bolts on. Same travel, larger forks, and disc brake. 84-85 XR200R front end is basically the same as the 86-91. Montesa 315R NICE HISTORY SUMMARY OF XR200 - http://www.dirtrider.com/features/online-exclusives/141_0910_used_bikes_1986_2002_honda_xr200r/
  7. I love this mirror, so do my riding buddies as shown in this recent high altitude vista.
  8. Oh, and You can find them on motostrano.com and search for "billet moto mirror" . They run about $60, but you get what you pay for. Just make sure to put locktite on all the screws. http://www.motostrano.com/mirrors.html - its the simple red one for $59.95, but comes in black and aluminum finish too. made by http://www.supermotostreet.com/
  9. roger that, forget the stars, the old addage you get what you pay for. These supermotostreet.com mirrors are the best. http://i664.photobucket.com/albums/vv10/ccrider11/th_ResizeofP9180579_crop.jpg
  10. ccrider1960

    Nothing But The Best That Purgatory Has To Offer

    With a trials bike you'd be going off the 'trail' you guys are riding. You'd go up and down the waterfall. The drawback is in the seat. Try standing for those 28 miles, with a pack on your back full of food, water and tools, and gas or use an Acerbis 1.3 gal tank on the front. I've taken a trials bike (Beta) on a few long distance rides through similar technical trails and its awesome as long as your stamina holds up, I've ridden Soboba twice on a trials bike, raced Tecate250, and the Rubicon. I've also done the Rubicon on a CR500. Your crew appears to be able to handle the toughest of technical on desert bikes, so if they got a groove'n with a trials bike then you'd be calling that trail HEAVEN instead of Purgatory.
  11. ccrider1960

    Only Starts Full Choke Help!!!!

    Rib Eye and Cuchara Red are correct. I had the same symptom and it was the PILOT Jet was clogged. THanks, all
  12. ccrider1960

    Problems after cleaning carb please help

    I had the SAME SYMPTOM: turned out that the jets were NOT swapped. It was the pilot jet was blocked. Thanks, the jets I had Wes read, 142.5, 62.6, 22.5
  13. ccrider1960

    Cleaned carb, now stalls when twist throttle

    turned out that the jets were NOT swapped. It was the pilot jet was blocked. Thanks, the jets I had Wes read, 142.5, 62.6, 22.5
  14. ccrider1960

    Bishop 3 Day carb issue

    Eddie, ok, thanks. turned out that the jets were NOT swapped. It was the pilot jet was blocked. Thanks, the jets I had read, 142.5, 62.6, 22.5
  15. ccrider1960

    Cleaned carb, now stalls when twist throttle

    yep, vacuum line connected. Though I may be running the bike with the petcock set to PRI, just learned an hour ago what that is.