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  1. 1 - Has anyone used the Zeta Armor hand guards? I'm exploring mating them to a Zeta comp bar attached to Big DR (forward) risers. I've PM'd a couple of posters who I believe have tried them, but have yet to hear back. Any feedback, good or bad, would be appreciated. 2 - Cycra Pro Bend guards/aftermarket 7/8" bar mated to the above mentioned Big DR risers. My question here is which mounting kit to get. Popular opinion is the side mount (to triple clamp), but I'm wondering if the forward placement of the bars from the risers will cause any issues. Anyone have this combo? TIA to all those who respond.
  2. Yeti575

    Slight hesitation after 3x3 & DJ

    Hey djones, I believe you followed my recent experience with the 3x3 mode. The "standard" set up, for whatever reasons, just didn't translate into any noticeable gains for me either. All I can say is don't be afraid to experiment. My ending set up is nowhere near what was recommended, but it is much better than stock and I'm quite happy with it. PM me if you'd like to compare notes.
  3. Yeti575

    Newbie jetting a carb

    Here's a link to info I found helpful when I recently did the 3X3 mode. I'd never attempted anything like this, but with all the helpful info on this site, it turned out far easier than I'd imagined. Unfortunately, I didn't hit the "perfect setup" right out of the boat as other more fortunate posters have (damn you all). Because you may be forced to do a little trial and error, may I suggest you also purchase an extended fuel screw and new float bowl screws. Both will make changes/fine tuning that much easier on you.The ThumperStore has everything you need btw. Oh, might want to buy a couple of extra main jets 145/150 as well. Good luck.
  4. Yeti575

    Help w/jetting setup for Maine

    djones - still running stock pipe w/billet end cap (purchased off of ebay). I'm told the end cap's benefits are in looks and sound only.
  5. Yeti575

    Help w/jetting setup for Maine

    Ed - I originally stayed with the stock main and noticed zero gains - yet "gained" that nasty bog. Not to challenge your knowledge, as I'm only stating my own finding here, but changing to the 150 was the single most significant improvement I've done. Again, once past this stumble, the bike rips, much better than stock, through the mid and high RPM ranges. My understanding is that the pilot jet comes into play at idle to 1/4 throttle, the needle from 1/4 - 3/4 and the main from 3/4 to redline. I'm sure there is some overlap here, but how can the main effect a problem that only surfaces at very low revs (less than or equal to 1/4 throttle) when the throttle is opened say another 1/4 turn (the throttle does not have to be turned wide open for stumble to appear)? That said, I do have a 145 main I've yet to try. What do you (others) think? TIA
  6. Yeti575

    Help w/jetting setup for Maine

    I've got a few rides in with the clip on the 3rd position. Also, after playing around (and following your "how to set your fuel screw" instructions), the FS is set at 2 1/2 turns. Note: 1/2 turn either way has very minor effects, both good and bad...read below. The off idle bog is approx. 90% better. Throttle response at very low RPMs is not exactly what I'd call "crisp", but I guess I can live with it. Overall performance seems to have suffered just a bit as well (10%?). I feel like I'm at the point where adjustments are now a compromise - further attention to rid the bog adversely effects overall performance (bike feels a bit lean) and vice versa. I wish there were more (any) riders from Maine chirping in. I've scoured the setup archives and can not find another Mainer with an "S" model. My ending setup (150/main, stock/pilot, 3rd clip/DJ needle, 2 1/2 FS) is quite unique when compared to riders from surrounding states. Anyway, I'm still open to further ideas. I'm thinking I may try the stock slide spring next. As always, your thoughts and suggestions are much appreciated.
  7. Yeti575

    Help w/jetting setup for Maine

    took the air box side cover off and played a little in the local pit. Made a BIG difference with it off - bog pretty much gone. Put cover back on - bog returned. Went back and forth a couple of times, always the same result. Thanks for the continued support Ed. I'll try the 3rd clip next. I'll hold off switching back to the stock slide spring for the moment.
  8. Hey all, Picked up a new '05 DRZ400S a couple of months ago and was lucky enough to stumble onto this awesome site. I've been away from the dirt for over 20 years, so I've been lurking trying to re-educate myself. I recently did the 3x3 mode as per Burned instructions (thanks again Ed for all your help) Stock/main, 25/pilot, 4th clip/DJ needle, 3 turns/FS (I'm at 0 elevation, bike is stock except for end cap mode on the pipe). First impressions were that the bike ran pretty much the same as stock. Unfortunately, as soon as it warmed up, the dreaded off idle bog showed up. You know the one - you give it a little gas to pull your front tire up over a puddle or log and the resulting lag pretty much destroys any chance of success. Things I've since tried (to get rid of bog), without noticeable change: Rechecked everything Adj fuel screw (btw, could close screw and it would not effect idle) Tried 3rd and 5th clip After the above, I switched my efforts to addressing the "stock like" performance. I changed out the stock main to a 150 and immediately noticed a big difference from the mid RPMs on up. Unfortunately, bog still present. Last thing I did was change back to the stock pilot (idle now dips when FS is approx. 1 turn from fully closed) and I adjusted my float levels. So, I'm presently @ 150/main, stock/pilot, 4th clip, 2-3 turns (still playing with) FS. The bog is still there (once engine warms up, not present when cold), but doesn't seem quite as bad. Once past this, the bike rips and I'm very happy with it. From my searching, my next move is to switch back to the stock slide spring (hmmm...did I just pay 55.00 for a needle?!). Anything else I should try while I'm at it? Sorry to be so long winded. Once again, awesome site. NO WAY would I ever attempt pulling the carb without all the knowledge available on this site. Thanks in advance for any suggestions offered!!